Our Five Ring Circus: Liam at 7 Months

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Liam at 7 Months


Dear Liam, 

  Happy 7 months, my sweet boy! I can't believe you will turn 1 in less than 6 months! This year is flying by.  I try desperately to hold on to every moment, but those moments are slipping through my fingers.  You are growing so quickly, and you learn something new every week. 
  You are still very small, and I often forget that you are an older baby.  It is funny to see a tiny baby doing older baby things. Nothing stands in your way.  You try SO hard in all you do.  You are so determined.  When you accomplish a difficult task, my heart bursts with pride!
  Our days with you just keep getting better.  I'm not sure how it's even possible, but you get happier and more smiley every single day.  The effect you have on others is amazing. You can melt hearts with that huge smile of yours.  You captured my heart and I know that you captured the hearts of family and friends.
  I thank God for you every day. You are an incredible blessing.  My love for you grows stronger with each passing minute.  I will love you, protect you, and fight for you every day of my life.  
  I love you, Liam.  To the moon and back, always and forever.  

Love, Mommy


MILESTONES:  Sitting on your own for a few seconds, babbling frequently, grabbing your feet, pivoting on your belly, and pulling to a stand...ALL THE TIME!  You love to be on your feet!  

TOOTH COUNT: None!  I feel like you have been teething for months.  Your tooth buds are there, but nothing has broken through yet.  You are teething like crazy!  

COMFORTS: Nursing, hanging over mommy's shoulder while having your back patted, sleeping against mommy's chest in the Baby Bjorn, and chewing on your fingers.  

FIRSTS:  Between 6-7 months you tried new foods, celebrated Lexie's birthday, and celebrated your first St. Patrick's Day!  

EATING:  You are breastfed, and you have 1 solid feeding each day.  You love bananas and bananas mixed with other fruits.  

SLEEPING:  You sleep through the night, only waking once to eat, but your laryngomalacia makes your breathing noisy.  This wakes mommy up many times throughout the night! You take several naps throughout the day.  

SOUNDS/WORDS: You babble all the time!  You are very expressive when you "talk" and the expressions that accompany your babbling are hilarious.  "Ma! Ma! Ma! Ma! Ma!" and "I-yi-yi-yi-yi" are your favorite things to say!  

LIKES:  Eating, snuggling, standing, grabbing faces and hair, taking a bath, chewing your fingers, playing on your playmat, being carried in your Baby Bjorn, and interacting with your family and friends.  

DISLIKES:  Being hungry or cold, teething, getting your nose/face wiped, and being strapped into your car seat.  

FAVORITE TOYS:  OBalls, OBall Car, Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes, Sophie the Giraffe, Taggies blanket, Link-a-doos, Musical Mirror, and Laugh and Learn Puppy.


NICKNAMES:  Miam (thanks to your sister, Lily), Little Dude, and Buddy.  

HEALTH:  You had a sinus/respiratory infection that caused breathing problems.  You had to take an antibiotic and do breathing treatments at home.  Other than that, you continue to amaze us, because you have no major health conditions! You do have reflux, which seems to be going away, and you have Laryngomalacia, which is also going away.  You are a rock star!  

EARLY INTERVENTION:  You have OT on Mondays for an hour and PT on Tuesdays for an hour.  Your nutritionist comes once a month. Your therapists are wonderful!  We are so lucky to have all your therapy sessions in our home!


STATS:  11 lbs and 26 inches.


WEARING: Newborn Diapers, Newborn onesies, a few newborn outfits, 0-3 month clothing, and size 0 shoes.


PERSONALITY: Every month you get happier and even more adorable! You smile with all your might and you exude joy!!!



  1. He's just a little rock star! Happy (belated) 7 months!

  2. Love each and every picture and comment. You are an awesome mama to a sweet little boy.

  3. Love him!! That super close is is MY FAVORITE!!

  4. Aww he looks so happy!! Those baby blue eyes are so adorable!! I can't believe he's already 6 months!

  5. Happy 7 months Liam. Seeing his smile makes me smile, so adorable

  6. The one of Liam eating the bumbo seat is my son! His goal in life is hands in his mouth, or the closest thing to him.
    So glad to read that Liam is doing so well! He's just adorable!!


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