Our Five Ring Circus: An Earth Day Adventure

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

An Earth Day Adventure

The craziest things always happen to us, but at least we have great stories to tell!

Yesterday, Grant, Lily, Liam, and I headed to a nearby park to go for a walk.  It was warm and sunny, so we thought getting outside for Earth Day was a good idea!

We noticed some dark clouds in the distance, but figured we had plenty of time to complete the 1.3 mile loop.  WRONG.  As we reached the top of a big hill, the wind began blowing so hard that it took our breath away.  Our clothes and hair were blowing around like crazy, and the ominous clouds were rapidly approaching.


At the bottom of the hill, we heard the first sounds of thunder. We knew we had to get to shelter, and our only option was to sprint across a huge field, toward a pavilion far off in the distance.  I wrapped my hoodie around Liam, who was in the Baby Bjorn, and took off through the field, in an attempt to beat the storm. Grant popped a wheelie with Lily's jogging stroller and took off next to me. 

It truly felt like a race against time.  The storm was directly over us, and all I could picture was lightning striking!

Fortunately, we were only a few feet away from the pavilion when the hail came down.  We sat down at the picnic tables inside, completely out of breath, and completely relieved that we made it just in time!  See those trees in the distance?  That's where we were!


Lily thought the entire ordeal was hilarious and Liam didn't care one bit!


We huddled together and watched as the rain poured down.


The storm passed in less than 5 minutes and the sun came back out.  We continued on our way...to the car, because we didn't want to get stuck in another storm!

Nothing says Happy Earth Day like getting caught in a Spring storm in the middle of the woods!


  1. Haha, too funny! At least you have a good story to tell! ;)


  2. Hahah oh goodness! I bet scary in the moment, but funny now!

  3. Ha, that is too funny and a little bit scary! perfect story for earth day!

  4. Oh my goodness--what an adventure!! I'm sure this will be one that Lily will remember for a long time! So glad you made it to shelter before the hail. (The scenery around your house is beautiful!) Happy belated Earth Day!

  5. That is crazy! Thank goodness there was shelter nearby

  6. I saw this on instagram and about died. At least you found shelter!


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