Our Five Ring Circus: Tidbits...Not on a Tuesday

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Tidbits...Not on a Tuesday

I used to call this Tuesday Tidbits, but it seems like I'm always a day-or week-or month behind at this point!

So here are a few cute and funny things my kids are saying and doing:


*Dylan is turning 9 on Friday.  NINE!!!  It feels like time is flying by too quickly.  Dylan caught on to my feelings, and reminded me, "Don't be sad!  Even though it's going to be the last single number, I'll still be your baby!"

*Dylan loves his baby brother so much.  Every night he holds him and reads to him.  One night I overheard him telling Liam, "We're going to be brothers even when we're really old!"


*I put on a new pair of fuzzy pajama pants.  Lexie looked at me funny and asked, "Are your pants made out of a sheep or something?!?"

*One night for dinner, I made stuffed peppers and mashed potatoes.  Lexie refused to eat the potatoes with tomato sauce poured over them.  The next time I made mashed potatoes, she asked, "It's not going to be that fruit gravy, is it?"

*She calls Fritos "Foritos" and I will never correct her!

*One day we were practicing her spelling words.  One of her words was don't.  She spelled it, "D-O-N-thingy-T."

*She had a sleepover at my parent's house and left her beloved BunBun there when she came home.  My dad called and offered to bring it to her.  While we were waiting, Lexie wrote him a thank you card.  When my dad opened it, he started to laugh.  It turned out to be the most offensive thank you card ever!!! 


(She knew how to spell thank, but was making it while watching TV, so I think she got distracted and wrote it wrong!)


*We were leaving a restaurant.  We had to go around the corner to get to our car, but Lily kept going straight.  I said, "Turn, Lily!"  Lily did just that.  She stopped and began to turn in a circle!

*She asks for Ah Boob.  What is that?  Youtube!!!


*Sweet little Liam is a Mama's Boy!  If he is near me, but not touching me, he will roll over and scoot around until he reaches my side and is touching me!  It is the sweetest!


Well, three out of four looking and smiling is good enough!


  1. Oh my goodness, that card is killing me! Hehehe!

  2. 9! And yet you haven't age a day ;) That is so sweet that he always wants to be your baby. ANd that card, just kills me. I love it!

  3. So cute. Love the "D-O-N-thingy-T"!

  4. LOL, that FAC YOU card is definitely one for saving! :-)

  5. Ah boob, THE BEST!
    Same with the card.

  6. Seriously your kiddos are the cutest and sweetest!!! That thank you card might be the best EVER! :)

  7. So funny! I love the card and oh so sweet that he loves to be near you and touch you. Melt my heart!

  8. Too cute! I agree 9 seems so old, my oldest just turned ELEVEN!!! And I love Lexi's comment about your "sheep pants!"

  9. haha! I am so impressed you keep track of this with your crew! my goodness, you are my hero!! I love the thank you card.

  10. Why do these kiddos have to grow so fast?!?! Love the pics!

  11. These had me laughing! Love the thank you card! And my Liam never looks where he's going when he walks, I'm constantly telling him to turn before he smacks into a wall!

  12. Haha some of these were cracking me up! I love the card Lexie made your dad.. how funny! So cute that Lily started turning in circles. :) Dylan reading to Liam and talking about being brothers when they're older is the sweetest. And it's adorable that Liam always wants to be touching you.. so sweet. Your kids are too funny and cute.

  13. Ohmygosh that card is awesome! Haha

    I'm sorry I haven't been around in a while...life has been extra nutty lately! I just couldn't resist leaving a comment about that fabulous card. ;-) I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  14. best thank you card ever! :o)


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