Our Five Ring Circus: Liam at 3 Months Old

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Liam at 3 Months Old


MILESTONES:  You already know how to roll both ways and your neck strength and head control is improving so much! You started with an OT this month to work on feeding issues.



COMFORTS:  Cuddling and being wrapped in a warm blanket are your favorite things!


FIRSTS: You celebrated your first Halloween, and you got to meet some new friends and family members!

EATING: You are mostly breastfed, but you are being supplemented with a high calorie formula until you start gaining weight consistently!

SLEEPING:  You are a great sleeper, just like your older siblings!  We got the go ahead to stop waking you at night for a feeding.  Thanks to that, we're able to enjoy longer stretches of sleep. Usually 6-8 hours, but we have had several 12 hour stretches!  You take two long naps during the day, and sometimes doze off for a short 20-30 minute nap in between.


SOUNDS/WORDS:  You squeak/honk due to your Laryngomalacia.  I will kind of miss those cute squeaks when that goes away!  You are cooing so much more, and have the cutest little giggle!


LIKES:  Cuddling, being warm, nursing, hanging out with your siblings, laying on your playmat, looking in your play mirror, "talking" to your loved ones, snoozing in your rock and play, taking baths in the big tub and kitchen sink, being carried in the Moby wrap or Baby Bjorn, and swinging in your swing.


DISLIKES:  Being cold, getting your diaper changed, getting dressed, and getting strapped into your car seat.  Diaper changes are a difficult task.  You are crazy strong, and fight me the entire time!


NICKNAMES:  Little Dude, Little Man, Miam (What Lily calls you!), and Buddy.

HEALTH:  You are gaining weight VERY slowly, but you are happy and healthy, and that's what matters!  You have reflux and Laryngomalacia (floppy airways) which will eventually go away. 

STATS:  8 lbs 5 oz and 23 3/4 inches.  Tall like your siblings, and skinny!


WEARING:  You graduated from Preemie sizes!  You now wear newborn diapers, newborn 2 piece outfits, and 0-3 month one-pieces.  Socks, shoes, and pants are still way too big!

PERSONALITY:  You the sweetest, most gentle little boy.  You are very peaceful and content. The only time you really cry is if something is bothering you, and you always calm down when your needs are met. You are very social.  When you're awake, you love to stare into the eyes of the person that is holding you, and smile and coo.  Your sweet personality is really starting to come through with all those coos and smiles!


Dear Liam,

  You have been in our lives for 3 months now. A quarter of a year!!! Time truly does go faster with each child we have! 
  The newborn stage is my absolute favorite, and it goes by way too quickly.  Thanks to your tiny size, I am able to enjoy my favorite stage just a bit longer!  Strangers are always mistaking you for a baby that is just a few days old.
  The reaction that we receive when we tell people that you have Down Syndrome is always the same...complete shock.   They always say, "But I don't see it!"  I'm not quite sure what "it" is.  You are just like any other person and anybody that spends time with you can instantly see that.
   I have cried every single day since the day you were born.  They are not tears brought on by sadness, but tears of absolute joy.   Your strength, determination, beauty, and spirit amaze me and make my heart feel as if it's going to explode from loving you so much.
  I am realistic enough to know that our journey is not always going to be easy.  But nothing in life is ever easy.  It's not supposed to be.  Life is hard and exhausting and worrisome and stressful.  But it's also beautiful.  Unbelievably beautiful.  There are just as many moments that are so amazing that they take your breath away. 
 YOU take my breath away.
 I am proud to be your mom and I am proud to share you with the world.  I love you forever, sweet Liam!

Love, Mommy



  1. he is adorable and I cant believe he's 3 months already

  2. Happy Three Months!!! He is TOO cute and love that he lovest to cuddle!


  3. He is just absolute perfection and I tear up when I hear you talk about him. You are a fantastic Mama!

  4. He is so handsome. That pouty face!!!!!!

  5. Awe his little sad face is precious. XO

  6. He has the sweetest little baby face! So glad to hear that he is gaining weight and is healthy!

  7. The sad face, cutest!

    I cannot believe you are 3 months already Liam. We love you buddy.

  8. Absolutely PRECIOUS!! <3

  9. I just love his pictures and faces! I love reading your updates.
    Enjoy your tiny baby, I know you are! :o)

  10. the pouty lip gets me every time!!! I LOVE the football hat and onesie and his smile in the last one.

  11. Precious!!! I love the football pictures!!!

  12. Love his last little outfit! And he really looks like your oldest in some of those pictures! Precious :-)

  13. Oh my goodness he is so incredibly cute! I wish I lived closer so that Cody and he could meet! I love looking at pictures of him! What a sweetheart! You got some great photos of him.

  14. This is precious! He is the sweetest baby!!!!

  15. How is he already 3 months old?? Geez, I am so behind on my blog reading. I'm determined not to give up! LOL

  16. What a sweet, sweet baby. I just found your blog and am already hooked. I became a special education teacher because of my love for one particular child with Down syndrome. He touched my heart from the beginning, and I've never forgotten him. I am sure that Liam is truly a blessing to you! I love that you are proud to be his momma...why wouldn't you be?! :) Have a great weekend!


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