Our Five Ring Circus: Trendy Tot Tuesday

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Trendy Tot Tuesday

I am linking up with Kelly,  Megan, and Lindsay for Trendy Tot Tuesday!


We started calling Lily by the nickname Lilybug when she was a baby.  Somehow, she ended up with a lot of ladybug items.  When I saw this outfit, I knew she had to have it!


Outfit:  Rare, Too (Kohl's)
Headband and Flower Clip:  Girls Crochet Headbands
Shoes:  Circo


Lexie has reached the point where she wants to wear "trendy" clothes.  She's only 6, and some of the clothes  in the girls section are...questionable.  It is very difficult to find stuff that she thinks is cool and I think is appropriate.  This shirt, however, was a huge hit!  It looks adorable paired with leggings and flats!


Shirt: Ta-eam Collection
Leggings:  Circo (Target)


I received this football onesie before we told anybody that we were pregnant with Liam!  I couldn't wait to put it on him for the first Steelers game!


Onesie and Legwarmers:  Girls Crochet Headbands


Dylan's typical Fall attire is usually jeans and a long-sleeved tee that he thinks is cool.  Simple and easy!


Layered shirt:  Sonoma (Kohl's)
Jeans:  Old Navy


  1. Super cute ladybug outfit! That football onesie is adorable.

  2. cute as always!!! I ran to TJ Maxx this weekend and ours has nothing cute, I need to come up to cranberry sometime

  3. That lady bug outfit is so cute, especially the skirt! I love Liam's football onesie, awww!

  4. We call Kaylee, Kayleebug and I had a ladybug baby shower and her room was a ladybug theme. We still call her kayleebug. So cute

  5. your sweet baby is giving me baby fever!!! They all look great. I'm impressed you are still finding time to blog!

  6. Love Lily Bug! We have an Evie Bug and her whol nursery is done in Lady Bugs and just like you you she has to have all the lady bug things! :)

  7. So cute!! I love the football outfit on Liam!!

  8. OMG I love Liam's little football outfit!

  9. So cute! Little Liam is just precious!

  10. What adorable outfits. Yes, I'm learning that boys are really "easy" when it comes to getting dressed. I do miss out on the cute dresses and bows though. Lilybug looks so cute in her new outfit--so appropriate for her nickname. Oh, and Liam is just adorable... You find the greatest clothes!


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