Our Five Ring Circus: Liam's First Bath

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Liam's First Bath

A few days after we brought Liam home from the hospital, we attempted his first bath.  The kids gathered around him, and Grant took over my role as photographer. As you can see, Liam wasn't a fan!


The traditional newborn bath method didn't work very well.  Liam was so angry that he kept kicking and flinging off the towel that was covering him.  I decided to remove the towel and bathe him as quickly as I possibly could!


Wham, Bam, done in 45 seconds!


I would love to say that the drama ended there, but he was really angry!!!


Finally, he was dry and warm, and the tears stopped.


I suppose the entire 3 minute experience was exhausting, because he fell asleep right on the changing table!


Bath time has gotten much better since then.  He's much happier when his body is submerged in the warm water!

These pictures were taken just over a month ago, and I can hardly believe it's the same baby.  He was so swollen and yellow back then. 

Within a week after that, he managed to lose almost 2 pounds, and he still has to gain 1 pound back in order to reach his birth weight.   His tiny arms and legs are only half that size now.  But...he's on the right track and we're praying he will reach his birth weight by his 2 month checkup!


  1. He is SO precious! I forgot how little they are at this age :) Sofia did not like her first bath either and then every bath after she's been in love, crazy girl!

    Hello Newlywed Life Blog

  2. Oh my gosh he is the sweetest!!! My son was the same, I never thought he would get to enjoy baths because he always complained but at about 5-6 months he started loving them! Liam is so precious!!

  3. He is just too precious! Now I want another one! See what you did,lol!

  4. Oh my gosh! he is SO tiny!! I feel like Savanna came out huge! haha, she was 8 pounds. She hated her first bath, but now she LOVES them.

  5. Mine always hated those early baths too. Poor baby! :)

  6. That reminds me of Mackenzie first bath, a sponge bath. She was scrawny and skin and bones, and screamed so much she turned red.
    Glad he is enjoying baths now! (Mackenzie likes them too) :)
    Praying he will get his weight back up, I'm sure he will!!

  7. So adorable! You can totally see just how mad he is in those pictures! Owen just really started liking baths. Really since he could sit up. It's so funny how they are all different!

  8. I don't know why, the poor guy looks soooo miserable, but his little faces are cracking me up!

  9. He was NOT happy. But look at his precious face in the third picture. I just love it!!! I can't wait to see what my little man will do.

  10. Just saw, Kelly's Korner SUYL this week is featuring "Special Needs Mamas". Thought maybe you'd want to check out the linky and maybe make some connections? Just a thought! <3
    Love the pic of all the kids.

  11. So funny and so incredibly cute!!

  12. We spent so much money on a "spa" bathtub, and the end result was pretty much the same for us too. It didn't matter if the tub made bubbles or had a little massaging action--Lewie screamed and wanted OUT. I'm glad to hear Liam is enjoying his baths now. I don't think Lewie ever truly did at this age... These are great pics! He's a cutie!

  13. Poor buddy! Wells cant decide if he likes it or not, some days he will sit in the bath so happy and then (like tonight) it pissed him off. They are so cute they cuddled up afterwards.

  14. He is so handsome!! I am catching up on your blog now and your family is beautiful!

  15. So cute! A beautiful blessing! Congratulations my friend!

    Mama Hen

  16. My twins were born early and in the NICU. They taught us to Swaddle bathe them. Swaddle the baby in a receiving blanket and take out a limb at a time and wash then swaddle back up. This makes the baby stay warm and feel safe. This can be done easily on the kitchen counter with a flat sponge for the baby to lay on (found at Babies R US) Good luck with your precious little man!!!


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