Our Five Ring Circus: Trendy Tot Tuesday

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Trendy Tot Tuesday

I am linking up with Kelly,  Megan, and Lindsay for Trendy Tot Tuesday!


This is my favorite Fall outfit for Lily.  I found everything at TJ Maxx. I looooove that store!  The moccasins were a steal at just $7.99!  Her favorite part of the outfit is the pockets!


Dress: Gillian's Closet
Moccasins: Rising Star


Now that Lexie is in first grade, she has to dress for gym once a week.  She is not a fan of that type of clothing, but I thought her outfit yesterday was pretty cute!


Hoodie:  Carter's
Shorts: Kenji


My little dude is 4 weeks old now, and he loves napping outside!  He is much smaller than I expected him to be, and arrived earlier than I thought he would, so I had to go on a hunt to find newborn summer clothes!  He is long, but still only around 6 lbs, so he swims in his clothing!


Shorts, Onesie, and T-shirt set:  Carter's


Dylan is officially at the stage where he wants to pick all of his clothing, and wear what's "cool" so he fits in.  With the exception of a few interesting shirts (AKA this one!), he really does well at picking outfits.  His style is very diverse, from preppy to sporty, and he always matches, so I can't complain!


Shirt: Nike
Jeans:  Old Navy


  1. Charlie loves pockets too, especially in her dresses!

    They all look adorable as always. xoxoxo

  2. love that first dress! Brielle had a skirt set from that same brand last year that was very similar!

  3. Ohhh, $7.99 for the moccasins? That is a steal! I have been wanting a pair for Aut.

  4. I need to take a trip to TJMaxx ASAP! Thankfully Breannas fur boots from last year still fit!! :)

    Lexi looks so cute

  5. They are all adorable! Love Lexie's sweatshirt, Abby has the same one!

  6. Their outfits are so cute! What a steal on the boots!

  7. loving lilys dress.
    I cant believe Liam is already 4 weeks old.

  8. alll of them have style!!! hahaha good looking kids

  9. Oh goodness...Liam! Adorable!
    All the kids are adorable in their outfits!

  10. Toddlers and pockets, what gives!?! We are just a little obsessed with them here too. :0)

  11. You win an award for cutest kids - they are all adorable. Love Lily's outfit and omg that baby is the SWEETEST!

  12. I love Lily's outfit, those mocasins are adorable! We have that hoodie too that Lexie is wearing, perfect for fall here! I can't believe Liam is 4 weeks already! Last time we were at the Children's Place, they had some really cute premie clothes, have you checked there?

  13. Oh yes, I know all about the clothing that the older boys like. Ugh. I wish Jack would just let me have my way and continue to dress him in the preppy clothes that I like. LOL


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