Our Five Ring Circus: School Days

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

School Days

The past 2 weeks have been an absolute whirlwind! 

We desperately tried to cram in the last few days of summer fun.  I reached my 37th week of pregnancy, and went into early labor that evening.  Our sweet boy arrived 2 days later, and we received some very unexpected news in the delivery room.  Once home, we were thrown into life with 4 kids.  There was no time to rest, because we had to get Dylan and Lexie ready for the school year.  We had daily visitors, one last summer party with our friends, and then it was time...

We sadly said goodbye to summer break, and got ready for the first day of school.  I am probably the only mom who didn't want her kids to go back.  I love having them home with me!

I was so worried about being in the hospital on Dylan and Lexie's first day of school.  I'm so thankful Liam cooperated, and came early!  I just had to be home for such a big day!

Surprisingly, the kids were up early on the first day.  I heard Lily and Lexie chatting in their room at 6 AM, even though we didn't get out of bed until 7.  Dylan and Lexie were cheerful and excited!

Lexie had to start out her day with some Liam snuggles.  She has become a little mommy to him!


Dylan was dressed and ready to go, complete with his new hoodie, within minutes.


Lily helped me prepare a special pancake breakfast while all this was going on!


The big kids crowded around the table to have their special first day of school breakfast.


The moment I had been dreading quickly arrived.  It was time to send off my big kids to first and third grade!


Each year, this day gets harder.  The kids are another year older and another year closer to being adults.  I know that's the point of raising kids, but it breaks my heart to let them go!  This year was even more difficult, thanks to the fact that Lexie was going to be gone all day and thanks to all the postpartum hormones coursing through my body!


The bus drove down the street toward us, and I just wanted to shoo the kids back inside.  Instead, I watched as they climbed those big steps and took their seats.  I clutched my newborn to my chest, held back a crying Lily who tried to get on the bus with her big brother and sister, and blinked back my tears as I waved goodbye to them. 

As the bus pulled away, I turned around and let the tears flow. 

Luckily, I had an adorable toddler to chase around and a precious baby to snuggle. 


By the end of the afternoon, my entire house was spotless and I was ready for my babies to come home!  My parents stopped by to greet them as they climbed off the bus.  I think they were more excited to see their baby brother!


We had a quick back-to-school photo shoot right after they got home.


Lily did not want to be left out of that one!  Not yet, baby girl!  Not yet!


The kids were happy to be home!  They were exhausted after their long day, but also very eager to fill us in on everything that happened.

I pray Dylan and Lexie have a great, happy, healthy, safe year!  My babies are growing up too fast!!!



  1. Your kids are all adorable! I'm sending mt oldest to college so I definitely know how you feel x 1000! Is everything ok with you and the baby? You mentioned you got unexpected news? Praying all is well! Enjoy them they grow so fast!

  2. The most STYLISH & cutest kids on the first day of school!
    I can feel the love of your family just by reading your blog! So precious.

  3. What do you mean by unexpected news in the delivery room?

  4. Awh they are adorable! Here's to a great school year!

  5. Seeing Lexie's cute hair makes me sorta wish Olivia would cut hers!

  6. they are so cute!! I like Dylan's hair that length. And I had to laugh at his collar all funky in some of hte pictures. My kids pay no attention to details like collars either. Lexie is looking so grown up, and tall!!

    I hope all is well with you and the baby. And like everyone else, I'm curious about the unexpected news in the delivery room!

  7. So sweet! Your children are absolutely adorable. I love how they raced to see little brother when they got home. Hope they have a fantastic school year! My son just started preschool this year and it makes me so sad that he's getting older *sigh*.

  8. This made me tear up! Glad you have your two youngest to snuggle at home!

  9. So nice to hear from you! I have been wondering how you all have been doing. Liam is absolutely precious. Can't wait to see more pics of him. Hope everything is okay (unexpected news?). The kids look adorable on their first day of school.

  10. They're going to have a great year! Enjoy the extra snuggles you get to put in with the youngest two while they are at school. Before you know it, they'll be back home with you again for next summer.

  11. Cant help not to agree, they are growing way too fast! Hugs to you sissy :) And congratulations again to the newest addition to your lovely family! ;)

  12. My gosh all of your kids are beautiful little things! I love that very first picture, the love your older children have for baby Liam is so sweet. I can totally understand to your feelings of not wanting your kids to grow up too quickly nor head off to school :( It is so hard and I think with your hormones it was a whole lot worse too. It is a huge transition when you welcome another little family member, somehow things seem all different yet it is magical too. I hope they have a wonderful year and I love Lexie's outfit btw xoxo

  13. They look so cute!! I can't believe school is already back in session. Hope they had a wonderful first week back!

  14. I love "the big kids'" back to school outfits. They sure do look sophisticated with their matching backpacks. I know I will be holding off tears next year when Lewie officially enters kindergarten. (We decided to hold him back one year.) Thankfully you'll still have the two youngest around for a little while longer...HUGS!


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