Our Five Ring Circus: Saturday's Top Five Laughs

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Saturday's Top Five Laughs

1.  Lexie invents her own words sometimes.  A good example: "These clips make your knots scrumple up."

2.  Lily loves to stock up her toy shopping cart. She especially loves to hide things in it.  Recently, we found a package of oreos mixed in with the necklaces, dolls, and play food.

3.  Lexie was reading a book to me, and in it, the character eats Lima Beans.  She looked up and said, "I can eat a Climo Bean." 

4.  I picked Lexie up from school.  She said, "Mom, don't you remember we had a donation today."  I thought hard about it, but couldn't remember what it was for.  I felt like I was forgetting something HUGE.  "What donation?" I asked nervously.  Lexie sighed. "You know, that 2 hour donation today!!!"  Then it hit me.  "Oh, you mean the 2 hour DELAY." She sighed again. "Yeah. That."

5.  Dylan has officially mastered the man cold.  Proof?  "I'm so sick I can't even blink my eyes!"  I'm not buying it.  1 hour prior, he was riding his bike through mud. 

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  1. LOL on the man cold! That's so funny :-)

  2. LOL at the man cold! Too funny!!

  3. Climo beans are gross.

    The Lilys both hiding stuff in those damn shopping carts hahaha!

    Oh boy...literally on the man cold. ugh!

    I like the word "scrumple". It should be one.

  4. Man cold!! LoL My DH is definately a Man Cold type of guy. Too funny.

  5. How funny! I love that you write down what your kids say! I know you'll be happy to read that as they get older!

  6. I remember when Elly would stash things in her toy box too...lil stinker. =)

  7. Too funny!! I think scrumple should totally be a word. :)

  8. I love "scrumple"! Too funny about the man cold but maybe he got mud in his eye and the cold wasn't the problem at all. ;)

  9. Don't you love that they invent there own words- cracks me up! Oh girl- I found a glass of old milk in H shopping cart today. I just about through out the cart! LOL!! Dylan is a smart one!! Such cute laughs! I really enjoyed reading.
    PS_ thanks for telling me to feel better from my migraine. It lasted close to 12 hours!
    I hope you enjoyed the rest of the weekend!


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