Our Five Ring Circus: Fashion Friday

Friday, November 16, 2012

Fashion Friday

I receive a lot of emails requesting a fashion post or asking where I get my kids' clothes.  I've even received a few requests that I've kind of ignored (I'm so not a fashion blogger!) about what I wear.  I have so much fun dressing my kids (Girls...Squeeeee!!!), though.  I decided to give this a shot and make it a regular feature.  Appearances by me may be few and far between.  My kids dress better than I do, anyway!



Headband:  Made by me
Shirt:  The Children's Place (from 4 years ago...a favorite hand-me-down from Lexie!)
Tutu skirt:  Circo (Target...PLUS it's size 0-3 months.  Those skirts last a long time!)
Jeans:  Sonoma (Kohl's)
Shoes:  Circo (Target)

Alexandria (AKA The Diva Who Won't Wear Jeans Without A Skirt Over Them)


Bow:  Target
Shirt:  Sonoma (Kohl's)
Skirt:  Circo (Target...it belongs to Lily!)
Glitter Leggings:  Sonoma (Kohl's)



Shirts:  The Children's Place
Jeans:  Old Navy

Me...plus baby, because I felt a bit ridiculous being in a photo alone!


Dress:  derek heart (Kohl's)
Leggings:  Target
Boot socks:  TJ Maxx
Boots:  Sonoma (Kohl's)

And there you have it.  Excuse me while I go put on my favorite outfit...PAJAMAS!


  1. i love that dress! it was so good to see you last night! hope the movie was fun!

  2. So cute! I love Circo brand, I'm such a Target nerd. You look super cute, I could never pull off boots and I love me some jammies. XO

  3. I think your outfit is very stylish! Much more so than my uniform of black yoga pants and t-shirts ;) lol. The kids are adorable too. I need to start shopping at Target for my kids' clothes!

  4. Cute (all of you)! And I love that the girls have to wear skirts with their jeans...very fashion-forward ;)

  5. Awww you gals (and Dylan!) are so stylish! Cute idea! I shop at those places and don't seem to find anything. Ha.

  6. So cute! How I wish my little girl is like Lexie. She chooses what clothes to wear and most of the times its the same outfit LOL!


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