Our Five Ring Circus: Tuesday Tidbits

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits

Tuesday Tidbits is my way of remembering all the cute and funny things my kids say and do!


-Dylan and I are usually the first ones awake on weekdays.  Before he climbs on the bus, he has to shout out, "Tell Daddy, Lexie, and Lily I said hi!!!"

-Dylan always asks me to play video games with him.  I say no a lot, due to bad timing. This afternoon, the girls were in bed and the house was clean, so I couldn't give an excuse.  He was thrilled!  We played Wii bowling, and he had to high five me after every turn.  He was just as excited for my strikes and spares as he was about his.  After the game was over, he looked at me, smiled, and said, "It's like we're having Mommy-Dylan time!"  Awww. Heart melt.



-She told me her Cinderella bath toy "can swim really correctly."

-She pointed to some Easter decorations, and said, "Those eggs are "breakafull."

-She told me, "People are made in every color. White, Brown, Black, Green."  I stopped her, and said, "I don't think anybody is green."  She responded, "Yes they are.  Leprachauns is green!"



-Lily was playing with a toy cookie.  I put a real baby cookie in her other hand.  She looked down at the new cookie, promptly pitched the toy cookie over her shoulder, and dug in!

-Lily has learned how to pull up to her feet, and repeatedly does this in her crib at night and during naptime.  Last night, she pulled up in the crib next to my bed.  She desperately tried to get my attention, but I ignored her, in the hopes that she would lay back down.  When she realized her plan wasn't working, she grabbed the bottom of my blanket and yanked it away from me.  That plan worked.

- Lily gets the funniest , most devilish look on her face when she spots something new to get into. I have proof. 



  1. LOVE that devilish grin.

    Lex cracks me up!

  2. Such a sweet Dylan comment about Mommy-Dylan time! Love it! Savor those moments with him...they go away too quickly with those boys.

    Lexie cracks me up always!

    And I literally laughed out loud at Lily yanking your blanket!


  3. Oh my goodness- she is beyond cute!! I am busting out spitting out my wine reading this!

  4. Dylan is such a sweetheart! Buddy loves it when I take the time to play games with him too. I wish I had more hours in the day!!

    I love that grin you captured. Lily is too funny.

  5. I'm so glad you had the chance to get some mom and Dylan time this week. And Lex is too funny with her words!

    Oh yeah, the blanket yank was hilarious!

  6. lol, Leprechauns ARE green! I love when my kids tell me stuff that just makes sense :)

  7. I love reading these!!! Also, that look is priceless!!

  8. Aw how sweet! I love this!

    Just found your blog while I was blog hopping. :D Loving it....

    I hope y'all are having a great weekend!


  9. The pictures are adorable!

    Love that Dylan was so appreciative of your time :)

    And Lexi... I would never have guessed Leprechauns!

    And silly baby - that is the perfect way to get mommy's attention!


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