Our Five Ring Circus: A Moment To Gather My Thoughts

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Moment To Gather My Thoughts

It's 5 PM, aka the witching hour. And I'm hiding in the closet.

I really am. Well, technically, I am. We converted one of our big closets into a mini-office, but it's still a closet.

I just need a time out. We only managed about 45 minutes of our usual afternoon hour outdoors, because both kids were tired and cranky. I could feel my temper building, so I'm taking a time out in the closet while Dylan plays Wii and Lexie watches a movie. They're happy at the moment.


I'm enjoying my moment of rest, because I won't sit down again until 8 PM. After this, it's time for the dinner/clean-up/bath/bedtime rush, all while trying to keep Lexie, the girl who missed her afternoon nap, awake.

My 6 weeks of chaos began today. I get exhausted just thinking about everything I have to do, so it's best to just not think about all I have to do. I'll just focus on today!

~Dylan's parent/teacher conference was today, and it went really well! His teacher told me that he's so sweet, kind, loving, charming, and respectful. She has no worries or concerns. He's excelling in class, and has an eagerness for learning. I had a feeling that he was doing well, but it was nice to hear!
He is still a ladies man! His teacher said that he is so sweet and protective of all the girls. I think it helps that he has a baby sister!
Dylan's teacher is due in 2 weeks with her second child, and I know he's going to miss her a lot. She's a great teacher, but I got to meet her substitute today, and she seems very nice. I definitely feel more relieved now that I've met her.
I'm so happy that the conference went well. I'm so proud of Dylan!

~I began a new workout routine this week. I had been running several miles/day 4-5 days a week, and lifting weights for 5 minutes each day.
I took 3 weeks off, while I was sick, and decided to switch things up a bit.
I'm now running M-W-F, doing power yoga on Tuesdays, and pilates on Thursday.
I used to do power yoga several times a week, but my body was SERIOUSLY out of practice. I woke up this morning, feeling as if I had been repeatedly tackled.
Allow me to be a wimp for a minute. OUCH.

It's time to drag myself away from the computer. I have a birthday party to plan...and it just so happens to be on Saturday!


  1. I love Mommy breaks...everytime Elly gets off the school bus if she doesn't have at least a 15 min break to chill in her room she is a beast. =) A cute beast but still.

  2. Love the timeout in the closet/ office. We all need them! ;)

    Way to go to your Dylan!

    and props to you for your great workouts. I just don't have the stamina right now for anything but walking with this pregnancy and the pinching pain that pulls in my FORMER c-section scar tissue OUCH! but hats off to you.

    Enjoy your Thanksgiving and good luck with the party. Jen

  3. We all have those moments where we need to take a 'time-out.' Sounds like you have some busy times ahead of you. Just take it one day at a time - it will all fall into place.

  4. what are you getting lexi for christmas?!?!?! trying to think of that great idea for alex and need some help!!

    Love the time away . . we all need it!

  5. Good job Dylan! I hope things goes nice and smooth for you. If you'd like me to make or bring something on Saturday, let me know. Take care.

  6. Oh yes. I need lots of breaks throughout the day. My daughter is a grumpy little 3 year old lately.

  7. I love the Mommy time out, I wish I had a closet to hide out in!

    Yay Dylan! It sounds like he is doing extremely well at school. CB's teacher said the exact same thing "such an eagerness to learn." I am so happy that you and I both got great reports (not that we wouldn't lol)

    Dang, your workouts just wear me out reading them. I wish that I was a "runner." I need motivation I suppose. I hope the rest of night got better!

  8. aweome! Your body will be happy to have a new workout schedule. I rarely, if ever, run 2 days in a row, and never more than 2 days in a row. The rest of the stuff sounds awesome!

    Congrats to Dylan on a great parent/teacher conference!

  9. I'm just impressed that the kids left you alone so you could type that out!

    Yay for a great conference. Isn't it great to hear people say nice things about your kids??

  10. sounds like dylan is doing very well in school.

    I always need a time out!

  11. Smart Mama taking a time out! It's always good to know when you need a little break!
    Not surprising at all that Dylan had such a great conference. How sweet that he looks out for the girls!

  12. wow! gosh Im jealous.. U could run 3x a week! With pilates and yoga on the side?! How could you do that with all your busy scheds?! When I arrived at home from work, even if i wanted to do some situps, all I want to do is just to lie down and play with my little one. thats really nice sis! and good luck on party planning!

  13. I love that you have a closet to hide in - I'll have to remember that when my baby gets older! A quiet moment goes a long way!


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