Our Five Ring Circus: Tuesday Tidbits

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tuesday Tidbits

Time to remember all the cute and funny things my kids say and do! I haven't been too diligent about recording these lately, but I'm getting better!

One day, Lexie was playing in Dylan's room, near the hermit crab habitat. She crinkled up her nose and said, "I smell the stink of Supercrab!!!"

The other day, Lexie asked me, "Is Nina (my mom) an old girl?" (Yes, but please don't tell her I said that!)

Dylan was recently measuring Lexie's head with a ruler. He told her, "Your head is five units long!!!" I'm not exactly sure how big that is, but he seemed amazed by that measurement. I think he confirmed that she does, indeed, have a big head. It's genetic.

Lexie walked out of the bathroom yesterday, holding a broom. "Mommy, I sprayed the bathroom all smelly all clean." I'm guessing that's a good thing.

After the bad bus incident on the first day of school, Dylan came up with a great reason not to ride the bus again. "Mommy, I'm bus sick." Thankfully, that sickness passed the next day, when he made some friends on the bus.

He did try another excuse that night. He did not want to go to bed. After an hour of finding reasons why he needed to get up, he added, "Mommy, I'm bed sick!" I insisted that there was no such thing as bed sickness. He replied, "Yes there is! I'm bed sick. That means I need to get out of bed." Nice try, buddy. Nice try.

I'm happy to report that the only current sickness in this house is the sniffles. Dylan loves Kindergarten and riding the bus. On his second day of school, he came home and told us that he loves school. He has repeated that every day since!

Speaking of the sniffles, Lexie woke up with them this morning. She had a fantastic reason for why her throat was sore. "A fly flew into my bedroom last night and flew down my throat! And now it hurts because he's stuck in there." She finished her statement with a dramatic coughing fit. I didn't have the heart to tell her that it was just a cold.

Here's hoping that those sniffles...I mean, that fly...stays away from me!


  1. Lexie has such a great imagination. I love it!

  2. I love Tuesday Tidbits...they are so cute! Never a dull moment.

  3. there is definitely some bug going around. I feel like total crap today :-( So happy to hear Dylan loves school!!

  4. I do hope that fly gets out of the house soon! ;-)

  5. Sounds like you have 2 future physicians!!

  6. i'm always amazed at kate's cleverness and names for things, too! it's so fun to see how their little minds make sense of things.

  7. Sniffles are definitely no fun! GG is yet to kick her cold that she's had for over a week and a half! Love that "is she an old girl?"...priceless!

  8. so glad he loves school. So important!! :) Love hearing the things they say.. too cute!

  9. I sure hope that spraying the bathroom all smelly all clean IS a good thing! LOL


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