Our Five Ring Circus: Stairs: 2 Me: 0

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Stairs: 2 Me: 0

Yesterday, one thing I've always feared, happened.

Stupid stairs.

I had a minor fall down 2 stairs a few weeks ago, but yesterday was the big one, and Lexie was involved.

I was coming down the stairs holding Lexie, and tripped over Grant's shoe on the top step (ahem!). I found myself falling forward, but managed to get onto my back, and hold Lexie above me. I slid the entire way down the flight of stairs, on my back. Lexie was so shaken up, as was Dylan, who was waiting for us at the bottom. I realized that Lexie was perfectly fine, and that I had no broken bones, so I got up, and headed out on our errands. As I was driving, I realized how sore I really was. I had scrapes, bruises, and strained muscles.

Last night was rough, but I'm grateful that I had no serious injuries.

And truthfully, all that matters is that Lexie didn't get hurt.

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