Our Five Ring Circus: Goodbye summer!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Goodbye summer!

Today was the last of our real summer weather. Fall is being ushered in with the high winds.

The kids enjoyed the 90 degree weather today. Lexie wore one of her beautiful sundresses. I have to admit, I am horribly sad when I think about how I have to pack her huge collection of summer dresses away. Dylan played on the balcony at his nannie's house, taking advantage of the afternoon sun.

Tonight, we sat in the front yard, enjoying the warm winds, and even continued to sit as the winds became very gusty. It started to get crazy outside, so we came in, but I'm glad we had that last moment to enjoy the warmth of a summer night.

It's going to be 25 degrees cooler tomorrow. Hello fall!


  1. I'm already missing summer too! I'm bummed about putting all of Claire's summer stuff away too. :(

  2. Dylan looks so old in those pics! I'm so ready for Fall, but I guess that is because it doesn't get that cold here. If I had Fall/Winter like in PA I would probably not be so excited to see summer go. :-)


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