Our Five Ring Circus: The problem with shopping during a downpour

Friday, September 12, 2008

The problem with shopping during a downpour

I don't know what we were thinking.

My mom and I go shopping every other Friday. It's our thing to do. Today, we had 3 mandatory stops, one of which was our bulk shopping at Costco.

Unfortunately, it was pouring all day. We had Lexie with us, which just complicated matters. This was one of those things where we couldn't put it off to another (nicer) day, because we needed stuff for tomorrow. As soon as we pulled up to Costco we just stared at the rain pouring off the top of the building, in huge waterfalls. We realized the rain wasn't letting up, so I unhooked Lexie and handed her to my mom, then jumped out of the car. I rushed over to the passenger side, and my mom, Lexie, and I ran into the building under the cover of our huge (but slightly ineffective) umbrella. Nothing like soaked pant legs and wet feet to make shopping fun!

Why is it that kids love the rain? My mom and I were complaining about it as we were running through it, and Lexie had her head sticking out from under the umbrella, with her face turned up to the rain, laughing. Silly girl. That's not going to last too long!

After we finished our shopping, we were faced with the daunting task of getting the full cart out to the car. I huddled over Lexie as I pushed the cart, and mom held the umbrella over all of us. We all dove into the van, and then I threw everything into it, in no particular form of organization. When I slammed the back shut, I was greeted with a downpour of all the water that accumulated on the top of the hatchback...on my head.

I dove into the van, and stared at my mom in desperation. We had to endure this 2 more times.

Lexie sat in the back, pointing out the window and laughing. She wanted to do it again.

No. Never again. We'll wait for a better day.

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