Our Five Ring Circus: Making Life Easier One Shoe at a Time with Xpand

Sunday, March 7, 2021

Making Life Easier One Shoe at a Time with Xpand

Down syndrome

*We received the following product free in exchange of our honest review.

When you have a big family, there is a LOT to juggle! There is no extra time, so any second saved is precious. I'm always looking for ways to save time (and energy), so I was thrilled to discover a time-saving product - Xpand!  

With Xpand, you never have to tie your shoes again! I love the concept behind this product, especially for Liam. We love them so much that we're replacing ALL of our laces with Xpand laces!

Putting on shoes is so much easier these days. It truly does save me time, and is much less stressful! And if you have little kids or a child who has extra needs, Xpand is a must have!

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WHO is Xpand?

Xpand began in 2015 when the creator, Chuck Harris, got West Nile Virus, which caused his feet to swell throughout the day. Tying his shoes was painful, so he tried to figure out how laces could be better. He soon came up with a great idea. He figured out a way to tie shoes using two elastic laces and an anchor mechanism to secure the laces in place. With those laces, shoes didn't have to be tied ever again! The idea raised over 1 million dollars on crowdfunding sites, and has helped so many people since Xpand went on the market!

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WHAT do they sell?

At Xpand, you can find the Original No-Tie Shoelaces, Quick Release Shoeleases, and Elastic Belts. The shoelaces come in so many colors and patterns, and they are one size fits all/for all shoe types, from toddlers to adults.

Xpand No-Tie elastic shoelaces

WHY do you need Xpand?

These shoelaces truly simplify your life. Switching out your shoelaces is easy to do, and once they are anchored, they are set for good. All shoes become slip on shoes with the use of these laces, yet feel secure on your feet. Plus, with so many colors, including glow in the dark, they can accessorize your favorite shoes, too! They offer free shipping, a 90 day trial, and a 100% Money Back Guarantee. One of my favorite things is that this company gives back by donating to First Book Canada!

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WHERE can you buy Xpand?

You can buy Xpand shoelaces on their website. TIP: If you scroll to the bottom of their main page, and enter your email address, you can get 10% off!

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My Thoughts on Xpand

We love our Xpand Original No-Tie Shoelaces! I got them in black, white, and glow in the dark for Liam, and replaced the laces on his most used tie shoes. I consulted the directions on their website, and it was very easy to do. 

As a parent to a child who has extra needs, I appreciate these shoelaces so much! Putting on Liam's lace-up shoes was a nightmare before we were introduced to Xpand. Liam didn't really help me put on his shoes, so I had to wrestle them onto his feet, then beg him to stay still long enough for me to tie his shoes. I usually ended up rushing out the door with my heart pounding, because it stressed me out and gave me an early morning workout. I started to avoid buying shoes with laces for him, even if I liked the style. Although Liam is older and more cooperative now, using these laces was truly life-changing!

We loved them so much, that we got more, and replaced the laces in our favorite shoes, too! It just adds a fun, simplifying element to our favorite shoes. It really is the little things in life! And if you're wondering, Liam has been using them since September, and spends a ton of time outdoors, and the laces are still working perfectly!

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Thank you, Xpand, for introducing us to your awesome No-Tie elastic shoelaces! Our entire family loves them, and they are a wonderful option for those who have extra needs. I am all for products that simplify my busy life, and these laces are PERFECT!

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Down syndrome

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