Our Five Ring Circus: March 2021 Goals

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

March 2021 Goals

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Happy March! I can't believe we're already into the third month of 2021. The year is going smoothly so far, and I'm trying to live in the moment, and focus on my word of the year - Togetherness!

February was a really good month. We got a puppy, we celebrated Valentine's Day, and we celebrated Lexie's 14th Birthday. The month started off cold and snowy, then we eventually got a taste of Spring. I actually enjoyed Winter this year, but I'm officially ready for the longer days and warmer weather! 

Although I'm not obsessing over them, I am still going strong with my goals for the year. I set goals to find small ways to improve my life. Sometimes I realize my goals work, and sometimes changes need to be made. Overall,  I have learned to give myself grace when I inevitably fail at one of those goals, and just try again! Baby steps, my friends! 

Before sharing my March goals, I'm going to give a quick February recap. Some goals I nailed, some I failed miserably at, and some I didn't even think about. It definitely helps to look back over the month to see what I should continue to do, and what needs to be changed!

Exercise - Well. Let's just start with a failure! I only ran a few times in February. The bitterly cold, snowy weather was a deterrent, and I ended up with a massive headache that wouldn't go away for an entire week. (I actually still have it, but I'm done letting it rule my life.)

Reading - I actually rocked this goal! I finally finished a book I started months ago - The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton. It was a good book, but I just couldn't find time to read. I finished it this past week, and started TWO new books, and I'm already halfway through both. My goal was a chaper each day, so I was way ahead in February!  

Self-care - I did well with this goal, too! Cleaning my face, and putting on moisturizer and eye cream before bed is just second nature now. I haven't missed a single day this year, even on the days I was exhausted...which is pretty much everyday! I managed to relax in the bathtub with a face mask and hair mask twice this month. It wasn't weekly, but it's better than nothing! And my trendy Lexie has inspired me to purchase a few new self-care tools: a foot file for the calluses I get from running, and an electric face brush. The foot file looks like a torture device, but it works SO well! I also learned the importance of alone time at home!

Organization - I used my planner most of February, which helped me stay on top of things. As for organizing the house, I'm trying. I now buy a storage bin once a week while I'm shopping. It makes the groceries/household items easy to haul and carry into my kitchen, and then I can stow away some items and store them neatly in the attic! Liam and Coen both grew (Liam made it out of 4T!), so I also managed to pull out the outgrown clothing to keep/give away/donate, and put away their new clothing. The girls' room? TRASHED. Basemeet playroom? TRASHED. Sunporch? Filled with Christmas decorations. I'll get there!

Home - Our home goal this year was to make our home more functional for our big family, make the most of our space, do some much needed renovations and updates, and just make it a happy and cozy place. Obviously, work, life, and lots of kids and pets get in the way of how quickly we hope to get things done, but we're slowly getting there! I added some new decor to a few rooms, we added a few more smart fixtures for voice-controlled lighting, and Grant swapped out the light over our kitchen table. 

Prioritize - Hmmm...still struggling, and wondering if it's a lost cause!

Cleaning - Just keep our home tidy is a big job. I may not conquer the floors each day, and my furniture may not always be gleaming, but I do try to keep our home neat, and the laundry is always done. I attempted a cleaning schedule, but it didn't work for me. This is another area where I just need to give myself grace, focus on what matters, and do the deep cleaning when I can. 

Sleep - I made some progress with this goal toward the end of the month! I haven't slept well in 3 years, and it was time to start weaning Coen from breastfeeding at night and before naps, and get him sleeping through the night in his crib. Meanwhile, Liam started waking up in the middle of the night, and racing to our bedroom. Sleep just wasn't happening, and I was exhausted. I'm happy to say, Coen is slowly weaning on his own, and has made it several nights in his crib for 8+ hours before waking up. I also gave Liam a weighted blanket, and it seems to be helping! The puppy, thankfully, can make it until I wake up at 6 AM, too!

Relationships - Despite the pandemic, I did well with this goal! I tried to send more daily texts to my family and friends, we continued Saturday night themed dinners with our quarantine group, and we visited my parents every Friday. I went wedding/bridesmaid dress shopping with my friend, and went to lunch with my family. Best of all, Grant and I had a date night (shopping and dinner), and we went out without kids to run errands!

Work - I'm making progress with this goal! I put up a few more posts on the blog than I did in January, I lined up some awesome social media content, and I stepped out of my comfort zone at the end of the month to film a session with a few other awesome bloggers for a virtual blogging conference. I loved it, and I also loved the fact that I had the house to myself for 3 1/2 hours! 

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March Goals

Looking back at February, I realized I did fairly well with my goals! I want to continue the momentum, so here's what I have planned...


  • Get back to 3 1/2 miles per day, 5 days per week 
  • Add in weights twice a week, and a barre workout twice a week
  • Buy an exercise bike


  • Finish the two books I'm currently reading, and hopefully start and finish another book


  • Keep going!
  • Try to find a way to enjoy a few kid-free hours at home once a month


  • No change - Continue using my planners, calendars, menu board, and lists each week


  • Finish organizing the kids' bedrooms
  • Finish organizing the toy closet in the living room
  • Buy the new fridge and stove that we picked out
  • Start the bathroom remodel


  • Do things immediately instead of pushing tasks aside to do later


  • Hand out a few more chores to the older kids
  • Buy that darn robotic vacuum already!


  • Continue to wean Coen
  • Continue to get the kids to bed earlier so there isn't as much to do late at night
  • Try to be in bed by 11


  • Continue to surprise a few people with random gifts
  • Respond to text messages immediately, and check in with family and friends more often
  • Another date night
  • Plan our family hotel stay for birthdays
  • Plan our FIRST long weekend trip without kids


  • Try to publish posts to the blog 3 days a week
  • Fine tune my social media schedule
  • Add more video content to my stories
  • I have to set up a time away from the littles so I can have a few hours to write without interruption 

Coming up in MARCH:

March is going to be a great month!

🍀 Coen's 2nd Birthday!

🍀 Spring Forward

🍀 St. Patrick's Day

🍀 The first day of Spring!

🍀 World Down Syndrome Day!

Tell me about some of your goals this month!

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March 2021 Goals - Big Family, Down syndrome, & Blogging

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