Our Five Ring Circus: The Weekly Review

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

The Weekly Review

Life with littles

As October nears an end, we're back to our typical level of busyness! We're just not seeing as many people as we typically do, and life does look a lot different than last year. My kids are still going to school in person, and participating in some activities, so that keeps us going!

This past week was filled with school, time spent outdoors, time spent with our quarantine circle, and cheerleading. Fall was in its full glory with beautiful colors and 80 degree days, and I LOVED it! Then it all came to an end on Saturday. The temperature dropped 30 degrees, Lily's cheerleading season came to an end, and the trees lost most of their leaves.

And here we are, in the last week of October! We jumped straight into Halloween week. I'm not overly bummed about the beauty of Fall coming to end, because it's officially the holiday season, and we're here for it! It might look a bit different than previous years, but we're excited to celebrate Haloween, Dylan's 16th Birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Eve!

Here's what we did over the past week:


Last Sunday, I took Lily and her best friend to their end of the season team celebration. Lexie, Coen, and Logan joined us. The girls played with their friends, ate pizza and cake, and received adorable squad ornaments. Back at home, we spent that evening preparing for the week ahead.

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Also - Coen's bedhead is epic! Who else sees Jack Nicholson?!? 

Jack Nicholson hair


Back to the grind! We woke up to our first REALLY rainy day in a long while, so no morning workout for me. It was so yucky that I even decided to reschedule my weekly shopping trip. I spent the day working at home, instead, then we had a quiet night after picking up the kids from school. 

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On Tuesday morning, I was able to get in a workout at the park, after dropping off Lily and Liam at school. Unfortunately, I forgot the jogging stroller, so I had to wear Coen in my Lillebaby carrier. No running for me! After I picked up Lily, Liam, and Lily's best friend Charlie from school, I dropped the girls off at Charlie's house so they could go to tumbling and cheer. Back at home, the boys and I played outside for a while, enjoying the beautiful weather. Later that night, cheer ended up being canceled due to rain, so the girls were very excited for the chance to play instead!

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It was another beautiful summery October day! I ran at the park then picked up my mom to go shopping. We headed to Sam's Club, Aldi, and Walmart. (I shared some of my Sam's Club and Aldi finds here.) After dropping her off at her house, I headed home to unload my car, then picked up Lily, Liam, and Charlie from school. We played outside for a bit before coming inside for dinner, homework, bathtime, and bedtime. 

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It was another 80+ degree October day! It was so beautiful that I easily did 5 miles at the park after dropping the kids off at school. Coen and I had a quiet day at school, then things got busy! I picked up Lily, Liam, and Charlotte from school, and Charlie came home with us to play. Soon after, Dylan's girlfriend, Liv, came over, and I drove Lexie to her best friend Lexi's house. The little boys played outside for a few hours, then we all had dinner together. That evening, Grant drove home Liv and Charlie while I got the little boys ready for bed. Lexie came home shortly after, and we all headed to bed, exhausted after a fun, busy day!

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On Friday, I drove Lexie to school super early so she could volunteer at the donation table for breast cancer awareness month. (She's a great kid!) I came home, then got round two ready for school, dropped them off at school, went for a run at the park, then spent the afternoon visiting my parents and my sister. I stopped at home, and picked up Dylan and Lexie, dropped Dylan off in town to spend the weekend at his best friend's house, picked up Lily, Liam, and Charlie from school, dropped off Charlie at her house, then headed back home. Lexie, Liam, and I went back up to my parent's house for dinner, while Grant took Lily to a birthday party. After dinner, I left my parent's house to pick up Lily from her party, while Lexie stayed behind for a sleepover. We had a quiet night at home, and Liam ended up climbing into Coen's highchair, and falling asleep! It was our last 80+ degree day, and the perfect end to a busy school week!

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On Saturday, the weather dropped 30 degrees, so we were chilly! Lily had to cheer at the second playoff game. That morning, she went shopping with Grant, while Lexie went with my dad to do special effects makeup for a search and rescue organization's training event. A friend came over to watch Liam, while another friend watched Coen at his house, and we watched Lily cheer at what would be the last game of the season. She was SO excited to be the squad captain for the day, and call out the cheers! Unfortunately, they lost, so no Super Bowl for them this weekend. They had an amazing season, though. Only one loss in the regular season, perfect weather at every game, and they made it to the second round of playoffs. We're really happy Lily wants to cheer again next year! Back at home, I cleaned the house, then ran to the store to pick up ingredients for dinner. Meanwhile, Lexie returned home, then immediately left to do special effects makeup for a friend. She was super excicted to make $40 out of the deal. She is getting REALLY good at it! That evening, our friends came over for dinner and a movie night. It was a good Saturday! And, obviously, a very sleepy one for Coen!

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We finally got the chance to relax on Sunday! All we had to do was pick up Dylan from his friend's house. When he got home, he tackled some outdoor chores with Liam's help, then again, we prepared for a busy week ahead! 

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And that brings us (almost) up to date! I didn't realize how much I missed doing the weekly recaps. I just might have to make them a regular weekly feature again!  Have a happy halloween week!

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