Our Five Ring Circus: Favorite Finds of the Week - Sam's Club & Aldi

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Favorite Finds of the Week - Sam's Club & Aldi


Favorite Sam's Club and Aldi finds of the week!

Confession: I love shopping...but I love a good deal even more! I even love to shop in a mask! With 5 growing kids, we have to shop smart, search for deals, find things that work well for our family, and add extra money to the weekly budget to allot for clothing, household necessities, and gifts.

I frequently share my finds on Instagram, but got away from sharing them on the blog. Sometimes I only bring home a few things other than groceries, while other weeks are a bit heavier in the extra stuff department. (This week, we have a birthday.) I decided to transition my finds back to the blog again, in addition to sharing on social media. I love discovering new things on social media, and love sharing mine as well!

My weekly shopping trip is an undertaking with 7 people in my family. I also shop for my neighbor each week, and occasionally grab things for my parents. I always stop at Sam's Club for the bulk items (we go through a LOT of food), Aldi for the rest of our groceries, and I rotate between Walmart and Target for the extra grocery/household items that I can't find at those stores. Every so often, I stop at a different store, but most of my finds come from Amazon, Target, Aldi, and Sam's Club. This week, I'm sharing my favorite Sam's Club and Aldi non-food finds!

Sam's Club Finds

7/8 active moto pocket legging for women - $9.98

I found these a few weeks ago, and they quickly became my favorite leggings ever! Lexie and I have them in black, so I bought Lexie a pair in gray, and I bought the brownish/pinkish color. Here's why they are my favorite:

  • They are super soft and comfortable.
  • They have a higher waistband to shape the tummy area (AKA sucks everything in).
  • They are a 7/8 length so they end just above the ankle, which pairs well with no-show socks and athletic shoes.
  • They have a big pocket on the side of each leg - it fits a large cell phone with room to spare.
  • The moto design is super cute!
  • There is a interior pocket in the front of the pants, on the waistband. I use it for my chapstick, but it could easily hold a snack, keys, and a regular sized wallet.

Cute workout clothes for women

3 piece pajama set - $9.98

Liam outgrew most of his size 4 pajamas (YAY!) so I'm in the process of replacing them. I already bought one of these sets a few weeks ago, so I bought the other one this week. They come with a pair of fleece jogger sleep pants, a fleece top, and a thinner cotton top. Liam was super excited about these because the dinosaur glows in the dark!

kids fashion blog

CLEARANCE ALERT: Fleece-lined active leggings for girls - $3.81

A few weeks ago, I spotted these in a clearance cart, so I bought a pair for Lily and a pair for her best friend. They are just simple, black, fleece lined athletic leggings, but I couldn't pass up the price. When I went back yesterday, there was one pair left, and it was Lily's size, so I snagged them!

Sam's Club finds

CLEARANCE ALERT: 4x6 outdoor/indoor area rug - $15

This rug was originally over $40, and it was on clearance for $15! I needed something for our sunporch, and I thought this one would hide the dirt well. It covers a larger space, and I couldn't pass up that price! (It worked well as a backdrop, too!)

home decor blog

Aldi Finds

Beanie Boo Masks - $2.99

These were in the weekly Aldi circular, so I grabbed an extra one for Lily and Liam. Liam is still working on wearing a mask, but he is making a bit of progress! These ones are cute, soft, and perfectly sized for little faces!

Aldi finds

Down syndrome blog

Door/Window Alarms - $7.99

Liam used to elope frequently, so we had to put locks at the top of our exterior doors. As he grew, he eloped less, but that fear is always there. Now, Coen is eloping, too, and we recently had a scare. He has NO fear. I put some door alarms in our Amazon cart, but saw one set at Aldi, so I brought them home for peace of mind. We have 4 exterior doors, so we're going to need one more set. (They have a lot of safety items right now.)

Home Safety

Fragrance Warmer - $4.99

We have two Scentsy warmers, but I can't find our second one! I fear Dylan threw it away by mistake, so I needed to replace it. They have quite a few colors, but I went with stone gray.

lifestyle blog

Loofah Anti-slip Bath Mat - $4.99

It was past time to replace our bath mat. My mom has this one, and my kids love it, so I bought one for our house. 

parenting blog

3 Pack Reusable Masks - $3.99

I needed a few more masks, and these ones are perfectly acceptable, especially at this price. They have quite a few patterns and they are adjustable which is great, because I have a narrow face!

Pittsburgh blog

Soup Mug - $4.99

I bought this as a gift, then decided to keep it for myself! I eat soup for lunch several times a week, and I have been using my retro Campbell's soup mug. I figured it was time for an update, and it's big enough that I can heat up my soup in it. 

Aldi finds

Loungewear Set - $12.99

This one is part of a gift! I have a similar pair from a while back, and they are really comfortable, true to size, and held up well. 

Aldi finds

Happy Shopping! 

Down syndrome

What are your recent favorite finds?

Favorite Finds of the Week - Sam's Club & Aldi

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