Our Five Ring Circus: The Last Days of July

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

The Last Days of July

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I can't believe July is over, and the first day of school is just weeks away! The pandemic might have put an end to all our usual fun Summer activities, but time isn't slowing down one bit. After 4 months of social distancing, we managed to cram some fun into the end of July!

During the last ten days of July, we spent a lot of time outdoors, celebrated a birthday, reinstated family hikes, and jumped back into a busy cheer schedule. With the exception of wearing a mask in public, life started to feel a bit more normal. It is such a welcome feeling!

July was a fun month! (It was definitely more exciting than the previous three months combined!) I shared the first half here, and here's how we spent the remainder of the month...


We had a quiet day at home, and spent most of our time outdoors. Coen FINALLY decided he liked to play in the pool, and Ella, our English Mastiff, decided the trampoline was fun to jump on!

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The day started off interesting, when Liam woke up covered head to toe in some sort of goo. Let me just add that he did not have any goo on him when I checked on him before I went to bed. Just an ordinary day with our crew!

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Wednesday is tumbling day for Lily. After class, we played outside until dark. 


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That Thursday, we played outside for hours, then reinstated our family hikes! We had such a great time, and I can't wait to share our adventure. (Since then, we went on another hike!)

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On July 24th, we celebrated Grant's birthday! Despite it being another pandemic birthday, he had a great day!

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That Saturday, we spent the day visiting my parents. We spent a lot of time outdoors while we were at their house!




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Sundays have turned into our stay home, relax, and check things off of our to do list day! That's exactly what we did!

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On the last Monday in July, Lily started a new season for cheerleading! There was no easing into the schedule...it's officially a 4 nights a week for two hours each night kind of schedule! Lily was so excited to do something "normal" though. There's nothing normal about temp checks, medics, and waivers to participate, but it'll do! While she cheers, Coen and I walk...and walk...and walk.

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Another day of cheer and driving kids around allllll day! Dylan is really into skateboarding now, so he likes to go to the skate park. On this day, I drove Dylan to the skate park, dropped the littles off at my parents, went grocery shopping, picked up the littles, headed home to unpack, drove Lily to cheerleading, went for a LONG walk with Coen, drove home, then drove to pick up Dylan at the skate park, drove Dylan's girlfriend home, then finally arrived home again. PHEW. Busy day = No pictures!


Wednesday started off SO well, and rapidly declined! Lily wasn't feeling great and begged to skip cheer practice. I reluctantly agreed. Yep...should have went. Instead, we had dinner, then Lexie started to play with Coen while I was outside with Liam. Coen got his foot stuck under Lexie, twisted it, immediately started screaming, and couldn't walk. We watched him for a while, and he kept trying to take a step, but would scream and fall over. So off to the ER we went. Thankfully they got us in, xrayed him, and released us very quickly. I was amazed by their efficiency! It was bruised and sprained, but thankfully, not broken! If we had just gone to tumble and cheer, that wouldn't have happened! (He's fine now!)

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Yardwork followed by lots of rain. Cheer practice was canceled. Coen drowned his sorrows in pudding. The end.

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We ended the month with dinner and a visit with my parents. I'm not sure why, but I didn't take a single video or picture that day!

Now that August is here, we're facing a busy cheerleading schedule, dealing with BIG back to school decisons, and embracing an important lesson we learned: It's OKAY to slow down and make family time a priority. School isn't everything. Sports and activities aren't everything. Family, however, is everything! August is shaping up to be a great month, and we have big plans for September! 

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