Our Five Ring Circus: Lily's 9th Birthday Interview & Photoshoot

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Lily's 9th Birthday Interview & Photoshoot

Birthday Interview

We are back from Lily's 9th Birthday celebration! We had a great time, and found a new favorite tradition to add to our list. I will be sharing our little adventure later this week, but first wanted to honor Lily's wish to share her birthday interview!

My kids love answering the questions for their birthday interview each year! It's fun to see how much their answers change from year to year, and compare their answers to their siblings' answers. I didn't realize how much Lexie and Lily had in common until I copied Lexie's 13th Birthday interview, and changed the answers for Lily!

Lily had a wonderful 9th Birthday despite the pandemic changing all of our original plans. She wanted to answer these questions the night of her birthday, but we were all exhausted. Instead, she answered them last night, and I promised I would share them today. So here is Lily at 9 years old...
Birthday Traditions



2. FAVORITE TOY? My favorite toy right now would be my baby boy. (A realistic newborn doll she got for her birthday.)

3. FAVORITE CHARACTER? Betty from Riverdale


5. FAVORITE FRUIT? My favorite fruit is cantaloupe!

6. FAVORITE VEGETABLE? My favorite vegetable is green beans!

7. FAVORITE BREAKFAST? My favorite breakfast would be bacon and eggs with soldiers. They are toast with butter on them, but you cut them into strips.

8. FAVORITE CEREAL? My favorite cereal would be Honeycomb!

9. FAVORITE LUNCH?  My favorite lunch would be Ramen or Mac and Cheese.

Birthday Photography

10. FAVORITE DINNER? My favorite dinner is mashed potatoes and gravy!

11. FAVORITE DRINK? My favorite thing to drink is Iced Tea.

12. FAVORITE SNACK? My favorite snack is chips!

13. FAVORITE RESTAURANT? My favorite restaurant is McDonald’s!

14. FAVORITE TV SHOW? My favorite TV show is Best Friends Whenever.

15. FAVORITE MOVIE? My favorite movie is Neverending Story!

16. FAVORITE ACTOR/ACTRESS? My favorite actress is Lili Reinhart!

17. FAVORITE SONG? My favorite song is Bury a Friend by Billy Eilish.

18. FAVORITE SINGER/BAND? My favorite singer is Billy Eilish, and my favorite band is Panic at the Disco!

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19. FAVORITE BOOKS? My favorite books are Smile and Sisters by Raina Telgemeier

20. FAVORITE BOOK SERIES? All of Raina Telgemeier’s books!

21. FAVORITE OUTFIT? My favorite outfit is my 9th Birthday outfit! (She is wearing it in these pictures - she wanted that jacket for so long!)

22. FAVORITE GAME? My favorite game is Meme!

23. FAVORITE SPORT? My favorite sport is soccer.

24. FAVORITE ANIMAL?  My favorite animals are tigers and bunnies. 

25. FAVORITE PLACE TO GO? My favorite place to go is Charlie’s house!

26. FAVORITE THINGS TO DO? Make videos and eat!


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28. FAVORITE STUFFED ANIMAL? My favorite stuffed animal is the teddy bear I got the day I was born, my elephant stuffed pacifier, and my baby blankies.. 

29. FAVORITE DAY OF THE WEEK? My favorite day of the week is Friday, because that’s when I get off from everything and just get to have fun!

30. FAVORITE MONTH? My favorite month is August because that’s my birthday!

31. FAVORITE SEASON? My favorite season is Fall! It’s just right!

32. FAVORITE HOLIDAY? My favorite holiday is Christmas, because I get to spend time with my family and open presents.



35. WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY?  Charlie! I’m joking. I’m just joking. (She does though.) My family makes me happy!

36. WHAT SCARES YOU? The dark, because you never know what’s coming.

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37. WHAT MAKES YOU SAD? When someone is being mean to me. 

38. WHAT DO YOU WISH FOR? I wish to be with my family every second.

39. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE MEMORY? My favorite memory is when you were babysitting Charlie, and we were chasing each other with fake forks. Charlie banged into your door, and fell on the floor face first, and said “I farted!” while her face was still on the floor. And it smelled bad. (She tells this story every year!)

40. WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BE WHEN YOU GROW UP? I’m not sure! But I might be a lawyer.

41. DISLIKES?  I dislike sadness, because sometimes when I’m sleeping I just wake up and cry for some reason. I honestly don’t know why, but it’s really funny. 

42. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE MEMORY AS AN 8 YEAR OLD? When we first got our kitty, and she was in our room cleaning herself and whipping her head around. 

43. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE PRESENT THIS YEAR? My favorite present is my roller blades!

44. WHAT WAS YOUR FAVORITE THING ABOUT YOUR 9TH BIRTHDAY? Spending time with my family, opening presents, and going to the pool!

45. WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS YEAR? I’m looking forward to corona being over. At least I hope so!!! Then we won’t have to social distance anymore!

Kids Birthday Ideas

Happy 9th Birthday, Lily Bug! We love you, and hope you have an amazing year as a 9 year old!

9th Birthday

9th Birthday Interview & Photoshoot

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