Our Five Ring Circus: Just Another Pandemic Birthday

Monday, July 27, 2020

Just Another Pandemic Birthday

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Since the pandemic started, both Grant and I have had birthdays. It's not really that big of a deal for us, because once you pass the age of 21, birthdays are just...meh. And we are CERTAINLY over the age of 21!

We haven't had much luck with birthdays and birthday parties for our kids, though. Lexie and Coen's birthdays were just before social distancing began, but their party for their 1st and 13th birthdays was planned for the week the stay at home order was issued. We hoped to have it later, but the pandemic and social distancing is still ongoing. Now Lily and Liam have birthdays in August, and it isn't looking promising for them, either! I just hope it's somewhat better in time

The latest birthday was Grant's 41st birthday on Friday! We didn't have our usual date night or big gathering, but he said it was still a great day. Plus, he got a 4 day weekend out of the deal...now that's an extended birthday celebration!

Grant's birthday was this past Friday, July 24th. I love the significance of numbers and dates, so here's a little story. When I was pregnant with Lily, we hoped she would join our family on Grant's birthday. No such luck...she stayed put for 10 more days, and was born just after 39 weeks, which was the longest I have been pregnant. Her time of birth, however, was 7:24!

So back to Grant's actual birthday this year...he is working from home, but took the day off. When I woke up that morning, he was logged onto his computer working. I actually had to make him stop! We had a few minutes of quiet before Coen came out and joined us. The three of us ate eggs and toast for breakfast, and waited for our other four sleepyheads to wake up. 

After breakfast, Grant watched The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, and we put in an order for takeout, to pick up later that day. After the movie ended, my parents briefly stopped by with a gift, then his mom came over for a visit. The kids were so excited to give him his presents, so that was on the agenda as soon as Grant's mom arrived!

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In our home, we have a tradtion that each child gives a gift, then the spouse gives a gift. The kids are always so excited about this tradition, and they love to pick something special as a gift! I'm fairly certain you'll be able to tell one thing that Grant collects from the pictures below! 

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He loved all of his gifts, including the cologne that I gave him, but was especially excited about all the new records for his extensive vinyl collection! He just got a bunch for Father's Day, too. He now has two record players, a record display trunk that is completely full, three large record stands that are full, and a box of records that is stored in his closet. They are legit taking over his section of the bedroom! Needless to say, he was very happy!

After presents, Grant and Lily ran out to pick up the pizza and wings that Grant requested for his birthday, and his mom joined us for dinner. When we were done eating, we put on some old home videos for a while. His mom left, and we geared up for an evening at home.

All Grant really wanted to do for his birthday was hang out at home with his family, and watch movies of his choice. We did just that! We only took a break to sing happy birthday and eat cheesecake!

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Another socially distanced birthday is behind us, and Grant completely agreed with me - it wasn't bad! He was able to celebrate with his family, and was showered with love. Pandemic birthdays may not be ideal, but we made the most of it. We're definitely in agreement about one thing, though - we're going to celebrate BIG when this is all over!

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