Our Five Ring Circus: The Most Boring June Recap Ever! (But the pictures are cute!)

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

The Most Boring June Recap Ever! (But the pictures are cute!)

Baby Photography

Happy July! Can you even believe it's July? It feels like June went by in the flash, but it also feels like we're on the millionth day of Summer Break. (Who can relate?

The month of June is typically exciting for us! It's full of end of school year activities, the last day of school, dance recitals, the first day of Summer Break, going to the pool, going to playgrounds and the library, and weekend parties with friends. This year, June was nothing like we expected!

Sure, we had a last day of school...at home. We had a first day of Summer Break that didn't feel any different from the three previous months. A car almost hit our house, so there's that. We celebrated Father's Day. AND...that's about it! June 2020 was most definitely our most boring June ever, but I'm committing to a recap!

So here's how we spent the month of June...

We kicked off the month together!

Big Family Blog

Baby Blog

Pittsburgh Blog

Down syndrome

We celebrated the last day of school/distance learning! (You can read how the school district made the day special through that link!)

Social Distancing with kids

A car almost hit our house. We live up on top of a hill, and SOMEHOW the young driver lost control, and ended up in our front yard.

Car accidents

We went back to the schools - in masks - to pick up personal items that were left behind on March 13th.

School during COVID-19

We spent hours upon hours upon hours in our backyard. Countless hours. Because there's nothing else to do!

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English Mastiff

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Sibling Love

Big Family Blogs

Our cutie, Coen, turned 15 months old!!!

Monthly Baby Photography

Monthly Baby Photos

We stayed out until after dark most nights!

The Lucky Few

I had a few fun photoshoots!

Milk Bath Photography

Fruit Bath


Photography Blog

Strawberry Picking

Baby Photography Blog

Life with Babies

Summer Photography

Did I mention we spent lots of time together? As in, never apart?!?

Large Family

Down syndrome blogs

My kids grew up OVERNIGHT. (Including a certain teenager who doesn't want to pose for pictures much these days!)



Summer Life

Parenting Blogger

Life with Down syndrome

The Lucky Few

We celebrated the first official day of Summer!

First Day of Summer

Summer Vibes

Special Needs Blogs

There were LOTS of lazy mornings.


15 months old

Father's Day

Liam lost his 4th tooth, and we have no idea when or how! We just know it was sometime this past Friday!

Up Syndrome

And we ended the month by showing our love and support for the LGBTQ+ community during Pride Month! We have some family members and friends who are part of the community, and we love and support them!

Pride Month

Big Family Life

Pride Month

June wasn't very exciting. We only left the house a few times, and we didn't really do anything much. But we were together, and their sweet smiles tell me that they were happy! I'm just going to hold onto these moments when the turmoil in our country brings me down. They are my everything!

Pittsburgh Families

What was your favorite moment in June?

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