Our Five Ring Circus: How To Create A Portable Homework Caddy + Homework Tips

Monday, September 9, 2019

How To Create A Portable Homework Caddy + Homework Tips

Back To School Organization Ideas

Today, my crew headed back to school! Life is already busy enough, but soon, we'll be adding school activities and homework to our to do list. I'm reluctant to leave Summer behind, but I already prepared for the upcoming year! 

One my favorite organization tips for the school year is to create a homework caddy. I put one together back in 2015, and it became a permanent staple on our kitchen counter. All of my kids use it year-round. I loved our original homework caddy, but over the years, I tested different setups, and found one that works really well for us!

Last week, I cleaned out our portable homework caddy, and restocked it with new supplies for the upcoming school year. It's currently sitting on our counter, ready to go. Honestly? It's the ONLY thing ready for back to school! (Long live Summer!!!)
Homework Caddy


A few years ago, I swapped our original homework caddy for a metal utensil caddy, and it worked perfectly! It's large enough to hold a wide variety of supplies, it's sturdy, it doesn't take up a lot of space on my counter, and the kids can easily tote it around the house. I must have been on to something, because this year, I saw a bunch in the Target Dollar Spot for back to school.

Items Needed:

  • Metal utensil caddy with handle
  • Pencils
  • Washable Markers
  • Colored Pencils
  • Crayons 
  • Glue Sticks
  • Scissors
  • Dry Erase Marker(s)
  • Ruler
Homework Caddy

Setting it up is simple! Just sort out the items, organize them in the caddy, and place the caddy in a convenient location! (We keep ours next to an electric pencil sharpener on our kitchen counter.)

School Supply Organization


As a mom, I hate homework, and it's especially frustrating when it's homework x 4! Obviously, Dylan and Lexie are more independent, but I still have to check to make sure they completed everything, and occasionally have to check their work, help them with a difficult problem, or quiz them for a test. Over the years, I discovered what works best for us when it comes to tackling homework!

Back To School Tips

✅ Create a homework caddy like the one above! It really helps to have everything in one place, so you aren't constantly searching for supplies.

✅ Every child is different, and has different preferences when it comes to tackling homework. Some kids like to get it done as soon as they get home, while others prefer to have a snack and play first. Try a few different time slots to determine which time works best for you and your child.

✅ Choose a designated spot to do homework. Once again, every child is different. Some kids need complete silence and privacy to complete their work, and others prefer to work in a common room. All of my kids have different designated homework spots!

✅ Turn off the TV and music while they work, and collect their devices until their homework is complete. Electronics are a big distraction, and cause homework to stretch out longer than it should!

✅ If they have an excessive amount of homework (which I'm not a proponent of), set a timer for 30 minutes, and have them take a short break before returning to their work. Sometimes stretching and grabbing a snack helps them feel refreshed enough to tackle the remaining work without complaint. (SOMETIMES...)

✅ Have a school supply surplus spot. I keep a bin in our closet to hold extra school supplies. I buy a few extra items before school begins when supplies are really cheap, and pick up clearance items throughout the year. If my kids need something for school, or run out of an item, I have them check the bin before we run out to the store!

✅ If they have a big project due or have to study for a major test, help them break down the project into much easier daily tasks. It keeps them from becoming overwhelmed, which just leads to more stress for ALL of you!

✅ Keep a supply of index cards, notebook paper, and post-its in a convenient location. My kids use index cards or post-its to create flashcards, and they are always looking for paper!

✅ Use a dry-erase pocket and dry-erase marker for practice sheets that kids can work on over and over again.

✅ When in doubt, Google is your friend! I had one of the highest GPA's in my graduating class, yet sometimes I struggle to understand the methods used in Common Core math!

✅ If your school has an app, use it! Our school district uses Skyward, so I'm able to log on and see a calendar that shows the homework each of my kids is assigned each day. I quickly learned to double check every single day so there aren't any missing assignments!

Homework Tips

If you have school-aged kids, homework, projects, and studying are just going to be a part of your life. Staying organized, teaching your kids how to study and break down projects, and maintaining a regular homework routine can help make this dreaded task less stressful. Here's to another successful school year!

Homework Tips

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Portable Homework Caddy + Homework Tips

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  1. The caddy looks great. I am very happy that Simon doesn't get a lot of homework this year because what he does get is a lot of homework for me! My older kids are getting better at managing their own work but I imagine the 7th grader will need some help!

  2. Oh, I love this idea for a homework caddy. Very handy.



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