Our Five Ring Circus: 7 Easy Ways To Stay Energized Through The Day

Sunday, September 15, 2019

7 Easy Ways To Stay Energized Through The Day

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Mornings. You either love them or you hate them! I wouldn't really consider myself a morning person just yet, but I'm slowly becoming one. I have to wake up really early, so I rely on a regular morning routine to stay energized through the day!

My days are busy from the time I wake up until the time I go to bed. I need lots of energy to keep up with my five energetic kids! I'm not going to lie - I rely on a cup of coffee to start my day, and occasionally have one in the afternoon if I need a little boost. 

Although I definitely have off days when I'm sick or staying in all day, I try to follow the same routine every morning. I actually notice a drop in energy if I don't follow my regular routine! Here's what I do each morning to keep my energy level up:

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Get Plenty Of Sleep.

An energetic morning begins with a good night's sleep! If you wake up well rested, you'll be prepared to face your day, and keep up with the busyness of life. Listen to your body! Go to bed at a reasonable time, and find the amount of sleep that is right for you! 

Start Your Day With A Good Cup Of Coffee.

Ahhhh, coffee. But really, that should read ahhhhh, caffeine!!! I love to kick off my morning with a good cup of coffee! Right now, I'm using the Keurig® K-Duo Essentials™ Single Serve & Carafe Coffee Maker. It brews K-Cup® pods AND ground coffee, and it comes with a 12-cup glass carafe and heating plate to help keep the brewed coffee warm!

Keurig® K-Duo Essentials™ Single Serve & Carafe Coffee Maker

I absolutely love this convenient, versatile coffee maker! It simplifies my morning routine, because I have the ability to make a single serving or a carafe of coffee to share. I have the ability to easily brew an 8-, 10-, or 12-cup carafe or an 8, 10, or 12 oz cup, so it's very versatile. I'm often on the go, so I love that my travel mug fits perfectly under the single serve side! 

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Here are a few more things I love about it:

  • It's energy-efficient thanks to the auto-off feature for the brewer and heating plate!
  • The Pause & Pour feature is awesome! It can be paused mid-brew for 20 seconds, so you can pour fresh coffee immediately!
  • You no longer have to wait for it to heat before choosing your cup size! The Smart Start feature allows your coffee maker to heat and brew quickly in one step! I am always in a rush, so I absolutely love this feature. 
Morning Routine

The Keurig® K-Duo Essentials™ Coffee Maker retails for $99. It can be purchased exclusively on Walmart's website. Click here or visit momsmeet.link/keurig.


Eat Breakfast.

Now that you've had that cup of coffee, sit down for a good breakfast. You need to keep your blood sugar up in order to stay energized! Even if you're not a breakfast person, a piece of toast, piece of fruit, or a granola bar is better than nothing!


The last thing you want to do when you're tired is exercise, but trust me, it works wonders! A short workout that gets your heart rate up can make a huge difference in your energy level. It can also improve your mood and clear your mind! I aim for a 30-45 minute walk, run, or hike each weekday morning.

Take Vitamins And Supplements.

Finding the right vitamins and supplements can be overwhelming. Although a well balanced diet SHOULD be all you need, most people aren't able to achieve that. Talk to your doctor and do some research to find what works for you. I take a daily prenatal vitamin (I'm breastfeeding) and a probiotic each day, and an iron supplement every other day. 

Take Care Of Yourself.

Take a shower, brush your hair, and get dressed. Even if you aren't planning on going anywhere, it can make you feel more motivated if you're dressed and ready to go!

Write A To Do List.

Every morning while I'm drinking my coffee, I write a To Do List for that day! I list what I absolutely have to do that day, what I want to do, and a few extra tasks just in case. It really helps me to focus if I have exactly what I have to do written down on paper, and gives me a sense of accomplishment as I check them off!

Although there are definitely days when I'm tired and don't feel like doing anything, I discovered my days run much more smoothly if I follow the routine above. And when all else fails, I sit down and relax with a cup of coffee, then try again! I am only human, and let's face it - motherhood is often fueled by caffeine!

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What does your morning routine look like?


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