Our Five Ring Circus: Amazon Finds July & August

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Amazon Finds July & August

Amazon Finds July & August

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It took me a while to fully embrace Amazon Prime, but now I buy as much as possible from them! If it saves me a trip to the store with five kids, it's worth it. Plus, I can pretty much find everything I'm looking for, order straight from the app on my phone, and get it within 1-3 days. That's a definite win!

July and August were full of birthdays in our immediate family, so lots of gifts were purchased. Grant turned 40, Lily turned 8, and Liam turned 6! We also started to shop for Fall clothing and back to school items. I got sucked into the Amazon Fashion hole for the first time ever, and never looked back!

My Amazon finds for the past two months include baby clothing, first day of school outfits, jewelry, fashion accessories, bags, toys, books, storage boxes, and electronics accessories. I'm sharing my honest thoughts on everything I bought! (Spoiler Alert - Most were hits!)


Hoodie & Pants Set - $12.99

I bought this set for Coen to wear when the weather cools down. Amazon has some really cute items for sale, and this one caught my eye right away. He hasn't worn it yet, but it's super soft, and even cuter in person!

Baby Clothes

New To The Crew Onesie - $5.49

I found a similar onesie in a 3 pack at Target, but they didn't have Coen's size. I was so excited when I found it online at such a cheap price!

New To The Crew

New To The Crew Onesie

This is another Fall item I found for Coen. He is just now outgrowing my favorite dinosaur romper from Target, and I was bummed I couldn't find another one. I was so happy to find this one, and it will be perfect for Fall, especially during Halloween!

Hooded Dinosaur Romper for babies

Hooded Romper - $10.68

The beautiful color of this green romper immediately caught my eye! I don't like green, but this shade is gorgeous. The stock picture doesn't do it justice, so I'm sharing one I took as well. It is soft, cozy, and perfect for Fall!

Hooded Rompers for babies
Baby Fashion Blog

Shirt & Tie Set - $14.99

I bought this adorable shirt for Liam to wear on his first day of school this year. I can't believe my baby boy is going to first grade on Monday! The tie does need to be tied, so I had to get help (I'll learn one day), but it looks so cute on him!

kids fashion blog

I bought these skinny pants to go with Liam's shirt. They have the adjustable waist, which is a must with him!

Toddler Dress Pants


18 Pack Scrunchies - $9.99

I always joke that I should have saved my extensive scrunchie collection from my childhood! This is now our second set of scrunchies purchased new. Lily wanted her own set that looked like bows!


Lexie wanted a trendy gym bag instead of a sporty one. She just needed one for school that would fit a set of gym clothes, sneakers, and personal prodcuts. This one was cute and inexpensive!

back to school items


L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G. Swag Fashion Doll with 20 Surprises - $26.99

This is what Lily wanted the most for her birthday, but she didn't tell me they were new or hard to find. Everywhere I looked was out of stock or had a wait list. Amazon did as well, so it didn't arrive until after her birthday, but it did ship two days earlier than expected!

L.O.L. OMG Swag dolls

My girls LOVE this line of Barbie dolls! Lily also asked for new Fashionistas dolls for her birthday!

Barbie Fashionista Doll 111

A birthday gift for Lily. Now, Lily's new favorite!

Barbies Fashionistas Doll 124

Another birthday gift for Lily. She's smart, and loves STEM, so this was a perfect choice for her!

Kids Toys Blog

Lily also asked for Stranger Things "merch" for her birthday. It's her favorite show, and she loves Eleven!

Stranger Things Toys


Blingsoul Alphabet Light Necklace from Stranger Things - $18.99

Grant found this for Lily's birthday, and she loves it!

Stranger Things Necklace
Amazon Finds

This was another item that Grant found for Lily. She now has it on her backpack for back to school!

Stranger Things Items

Lily also loves Panic! At The Disco, and I couldn't pass up this necklace at this price! As you can see, she's wearing it in the picture above. She loved it so much since it's her favorite band!

Panic! At The Disco Necklace


How To Be A Boss (The Boss Baby Movie) Book - $3.99

For Liam's birthday, I wanted to find something Boss Baby, because it's his favorite movie. I thought this book would be perfect for him. He's learning sight words, so ready to read books are the next step! He likes it, but doesn't look at it as often as I expected. I guess the movie is just better! 

Boss Baby items


Monster Storage Boxes for Baseball Cards - $25.99

Grant's birthday was in July, and he asked for a new Monster Storage Box for his baseball card collection. I thought a 3 pack was the best choice! He was very appreciative, and has been spending time organizing his cards!

Baseball Card Storage

Lily needed this for cheer. I was honestly shocked by how much it cost. Unfortunately, the lid broke on it tonight, and because it's mandatory to have for cheerleading, I had to purchase another one. I wanted to cry!!! Expensive? YES! Durable? Absolutely not, but it's a necessity.

Cheerleading storage box
Youth Cheerleading Blog


iPad Mini Case with built in screen protector - $13.98

Right after I posted my Amazon find for June, the screen protector cracked. I peeled it off, and ordered this case, but before it arrived, Liam broke his iPad screen. It figures. This case is keeping the screen from breaking more, but just a heads up - it isn't waterproof. 

iPad mini case for kids
Down syndrome blog

Lily got a Kindle Fire from my parents for her birthday, so she needed a protective case. We opted for this one, and I really like the design and color. So far, so good!

kindle fire 7 case

What are your favorite recent Amazon finds?


  1. I wish Amazon clothes had been a thing when my kids were little!

  2. Aw, I love that outfit on Coen. So cute. I love Panic at the Disco too. :) Looks like Lily got some fun birthday gifts.



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