Our Five Ring Circus: Sparkling Black Raspberry Float

Monday, August 12, 2019

Sparkling Black Raspberry Float

Sparkling Black Raspberry Float

This post is sponsored by Sparkling ICE but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

In a few short weeks, my crew is going to be heading back to school! My kids are starving when they get home, and don't always make the healthiest choices, so I try to plan a few snacks each week. A Sparking Black Raspberry Float is a tasty, low calorie treat that they will love!

I absolutely love raspberries, so I'm a big fan of anything raspberry-flavored, and my kids agree! This refreshing, 4-ingredient float is made with delicious frozen yogurt and Sparkling Ice Black Raspberry. Although parents would love it, too, they just might want to opt for an extra boost of energy instead. The beginning of the school year is draining for kids, teachers, and mom and dad!

I'm not quite ready to trade our (somewhat) calm Summer days for the chaos of the school year, but it's time to start planning those afterschool snacks. I will definitely be adding this treat to the afterschool snack rotation. The Sparkling Black Raspberry Float has so much going for it - it's quick and easy to make, it's inexpensive, it's refreshing, and it's absolutely delicious!

Sparkling Black Raspberry Float Recipe


Sparkling Black Raspberry Float Recipe


  1. Add 2 scoops of vanilla frozen yogurt to the bottom of a glass.
  2. Slowly fill it to the top with Sparkling Ice - Black Raspberry. 
  3.  Gently add 1 scoop of whipped topping to the top of the float. Allow to settle for a few seconds.
  4. Add more Sparkling Ice - Black Raspberry until the whipped topping is higher than the rim of the glass.
  5. Top the float with 2-3 fresh raspberries. 
  6. Add a reusable straw, and enjoy!
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Sparkling Ice - Black Raspberry is a favorite for kids AND adults! Sparkling Ice is fizzy and full of flavor. It's a good-for-you sparkling water that contains natural flavors, vitamins, and antioxidants. With no added sugar, it's pretty much the most flavorful water ever! Plus, there's now a caffeinated version for mom and dad!

Sparkling Ice - Black Raspberry

You can easily use Sparkling Ice + Caffeine - Black Raspberry to make a "grownup" Sparkling Black Raspberry Float with a little extra pep. You can also just sip it in the carpool lane (I spend SO much time there) or just before the stressful witching hour, so you can keep up with your kids during the busy back to school season. Oh, how I wish I could bottle up their energy! Since I can't, this is the next best thing!

Sparkling Ice + Caffeine - Black Raspberry

Here's my personal plug - Prior to trying Sparkling Ice + Caffeine - Black Raspberry, I disliked all energy drinks and zero calorie drinks. I just hadn't found a zero calorie flavor I liked, and energy drinks tasted too strong. After just one sip of this one, I was hooked! It has such a great, natural flavor, and the added caffeine wasn't overpowering. Not only did I like the taste, but it gave me a little boost of energy to I could keep up with my five kids. I loved it so much that I already bought two more!

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If the back to school season has you feeling down, add a little sparkle to your back to school routine now! Add the Sparkling Black Raspberry Float to your afterschool snack rotation for a special treat kids are sure to love! (And don't be afraid to supercharge it to treat yourself to an energy boost! My kids are exhausting. There's no shame in my mom game!)


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Visit Sparkling Ice’s store locator to find out where you can pick up Sparkling Ice - Black Raspberry or Sparkling Ice + Caffeine - Black Raspberry for the back-to-school season!  

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Find out more here: https://ooh.li/6fbccf7

What's your favorite afterschool snack?


  1. This sounds so yummy! I love raspberry anything!

  2. I love Sparkling Ice water - so good! this is a really fun way of jazzing it up.



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