Our Five Ring Circus: How To Encourage Healthy Sleep Habits in Children with Suzy Snooze - A Review + Giveaway

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

How To Encourage Healthy Sleep Habits in Children with Suzy Snooze - A Review + Giveaway

How To Encourage Healthy Sleep Habits in Children with Suzy Snooze - A Review + Giveaway

*I received this product complimentary in exchange of my honest review. 

My kids have always been great sleepers! I consider it a fair trade after all the months of horrible morning sickness that I went through. I know we've been very lucky that our kids have healthy sleep habits, and I'm so grateful for that!

Recently, however, Liam started experiencing some sleep issues. He has shared a room with Dylan since he was born, and got used to having a roommate. With the upcoming arrival of our newest baby, we ended up giving Dylan his own bedroom since he is the oldest, and decided to have Liam share a room with his baby brother. We made the switch a few months ago, and it hasn't exactly been smooth sailing in the sleep department!

Liam has been falling asleep late now that he's alone in his room, and having trouble waking up on time for school. Once he falls asleep, he stays asleep, but getting to that point is the problem! I was so excited to try out BleepBleeps Suzy Snooze, which is a smart nightlight, sleep soother, sleep trainer, and baby monitor all in one. We've been using it for a few weeks now, and it's definitely helping! And guess what? You can enter to win one of your own!

Suzy Snooze

What is Suzy Snooze? 

Suzy Snooze is an adorable, multi-purpose smart nightlight from BleepBleeps. The company makes cute, SMART gadgets that are designed to make parenting easier. Suzy Snooze uses soothing sound and light to help your child drift off to sleep. It works throughout the night, can be used as an audio baby monitor with the bleep bleeps app, helps keep your child asleep all night, and tells your child when it's time to wake up!

BleepBleeps Suzy Snooze Sleep Trainer / Baby Monitor / Nightlight / Soother

Suzy Snooze's Features

This cute nightlight works on its own, but has more features when it's used in connection with the BleepBleeps app on your smartphone. It teaches children to soothe themselves to sleep, and stay in bed for longer. It's a great tool for children from birth and up, and a cute addition to any child's bedroom!

Sleep Training

It's a nightlight.

This low-energy LED nightlight stays cool to the touch, so it's safe for a child to use. The comforting glow, which reminds me of warm candlelight, promotes natural sleep hormones, and doesn't distract from a good night's sleep in any way. We discovered that Liam does need a nightlight, but most are too bright or too distracting. This one is perfect, because it's naturally calming!

Nightlight for Kids

It's a sound machine.

Suzy Snooze plays comforting music at bedtime to help your child drift off to sleep. The music was created to help your child feel sleepy, and you can set the amount of time that the music stays on through the app. My only wish is that it included more than one track or a variety of soothing sounds, but the music is soothing and effective.

Healthy Sleep Habits for Children

It's a sleep trainer.

Suzy Snooze is designed to teach young children to stay in their beds until it's time to wake up for the day. At night, Suzy Snooze is activated by pressing down her "hat." Through the BleepBleeps app, you can set the time you want your child to wake up, and Suzy will quietly lift her hat at that time.  Suzy wakes up very quietly, and won't wake your child if they are still fast asleep. Young children will quickly learn that it's okay to get out of bed when Suzy Snooze is awake.

Sleep Training

It's an audio baby monitor.

Suzy Snooze can be used for newborns as well. She must be connected to the BleepBleeps app through wifi to be used as an audio baby monitor. The monitor lets you listen to your baby using secure HD audio on your smartphone at a range of 150 feet.

Down syndrome

It's a nighttime soother.

Suzy Snooze truly is SMART. She has a built in cry sensor, and will soothe your child back to sleep in the middle of the night with comforting music! If your child needs soothing sound throughout the night, that can be activated as well.

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It can be controlled by you.

Suzy Snooze's features are customizable within the BleepBleeps app. You must download the app on your smartphone, and connect Suzy Snooze to the app using your wifi. To be perfectly honest, the timing can be a bit tricky, so you must know your wifi password, and go through the steps quickly before Suzy stops pairing with your device. It took me a few tries, but once she's connected, you're good to go!

Digital baby gadgets

How Suzy Snooze Is Working For Us

Suzy Snooze is a great addition to Liam's bedroom and is now an essential part of his bedtime routine! I downloaded the BleepBleeps app to my iPhone, and connected Suzy using our wifi network, so I could set up all the features. I set the amount of time that I want the soothing music to play at bedtime, and set up Liam's wake time. I do change this throughout the week, because his wake time is obviously different during the week, when he has school!

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At night, Liam activates Suzy Snooze by pressing down her hat, and her soothing light and sounds come on. I love the nightlight, because the orange glow is very comforting. It provides Liam with just enough light to keep him from getting scared without distracting him from falling asleep. It really does make his bedroom feel very cozy at night!

The soothing music seems to calm him and help him fall asleep faster these days. I do set it for a long interval to ensure that he stays asleep, and when the time is up, the sounds tapers off quietly. Liam doesn't have any trouble staying asleep through the night, so I don't have any input on the cry sensor, but give us a few days/week, and I will let you know how it works with a newborn!

I've only used the audio monitor feature a few times to hear what Liam was up to in his room. It works really well from longer distances, but obviously gets crackly if I walk close to Suzy Snooze with my smartphone in audio monitor mode. And if I need to, I can make adjustments to Suzy Snooze's settings through the BleepBleeps app, without even going into Liam's room!

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Want a Suzy Snooze for your child? You can purchase it here! (But scroll down for a chance to win one first!)

Suzy Snooze is definitely an innovative gadget! It really seems to be helping Liam develop healthy, independent sleep habits, now that his big brother isn't in the room to soothe him. With regular use, it can be a great sleep training tool for children of all ages, and help them develop healthy sleep habits that will benefit them so much as they grow!

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  1. I am getting ready to transition James to a big boy bed. I bet this would help in that process. We just leave a lamp on now (and have for the last almost 3 years) but I think it is time to tame the light.

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