Our Five Ring Circus: Spring Cleaning 101: A Master Checklist & Must Have Supplies

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Spring Cleaning 101: A Master Checklist & Must Have Supplies

Spring Cleaning 101: A Master Checklist & Must Have Supplies

This post is sponsored by The Libman Company but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Warm weather is just around the corner, and we are getting ready to start Spring Cleaning! There's just something so refreshing about opening up all the windows after a long, cold winter, and starting the season off with an extra clean home. And now that baby #5 is here, we want to disinfect everything and make sure we have a healthy home!

Spring Cleaning can seem so overwhelming, especially when you have a family. I totally get it! There's so much to do already, and deep cleaning is probably not high on the list of priorities. Stocking up on new cleaning supplies can help build motivation, and breaking up the list into manageable blocks of time definitely helps. Plus there's definitely a great feeling of satisfaction as the tasks are checked off one by one!

Here's how this new mom of five is tackling the Spring Cleaning this year...

Spring Cleaning Checklist

𝥷 Wash all interior windows
𝥷 Sweep any cobwebs from the ceilings and walls
𝥷 Dust ceiling fans, windows, light fixtures, shelves, furniture and vents
𝥷 Wash curtains, slipcovers, tablecloths, throw rugs, pillows, and throw blankets
𝥷 Wash all bedding, including mattress pads, bedskirts, and comforters
𝥷 Change batteries in smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors
𝥷 Scrub all baseboards
𝥷 Wipe down walls and ceilings
𝥷 Sweep and Mop Floors
𝥷 Polish wood floors with floor polish
𝥷 Vaccuum and Shampoo Rugs
𝥷 Clean and/or whiten grout and tile surfaces
𝥷 Disinfect and organize kitchen counters
𝥷 Scrub and disinfect toilets, tubs, and sinks
𝥷 Polish doorknobs and cabinet handles/knobs
𝥷 Clean couches and chairs and remove any stains on the fabric
𝥷 Wash window screens
𝥷 Wax floors
𝥷 Clean out the fridge and freezer and wipe down interior and exterior
𝥷 Clean stove and oven
𝥷 Clean interior and exterior of microwave
𝥷 Disinfect garbage cans and pet dishes
𝥷 Polish all wood surfaces
𝥷 Wipe fingerprints off electronics
𝥷 Clean mirrors and photo frames
𝥷 Clean any debris out of the yard
𝥷 Spray off siding and wipe down exterior doors
𝥷 Clean exterior windows
𝥷 Sweep and mop porches

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Must Have Cleaning Supplies

𝥷 Rubber Gloves
𝥷 Bucket
𝥷 Paper Towels or Disposable Cleaning Cloths
𝥷 Mop
𝥷 Broom & Dustpan
𝥷 Window Cleaner
𝥷 All-purpose Cleaner
𝥷 Feather duster or microfiber dusting cloths
𝥷 Wood Polish
𝥷 Hardwood Floor Cleaner
𝥷 Floor Wax
𝥷 Bleach
𝥷 Sponges
𝥷 Tub Cleaner
𝥷 Toilet Bowl Cleaner & Toilet Brush
𝥷 Sink Cleaner

Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring Cleaning Tips

✔ Do just one task per day!
✔ Get your kids involved by assigning individual tasks or a specified area in the house to clean.
✔ If you have a baby or toddler, wear them while you clean!
✔ Put on music, an audio book, or a podcast while you clean to keep you motivated!
✔ Set a timer, and accomplish as much as you can in that time frame.
✔ Mark a family cleaning day on your shared calendar, then divvy up the tasks when that day arrives. Celebrate finishing a day of hard work with some ice cream!
✔ Buy new cleaning supplies to help motivate you.
✔ Take a before and an after picture while cleaning to document your progress!

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This year, I'm cleaning with some of my favorite items from The Libman Company! The Libman Company is a family-owned business that has been around for over 120 years, and offers innovative, quality cleaning products that are perfect for any home. The Libman Wonder Mop and the Libman Freedom Spray Mop are two items that I use regularly within my home! 

The Libman Company Mops

With five kids and a giant dog, my floors get very dirty VERY quickly! I use the Libman Wonder Mop several times a week to deep clean my floors. It has microfiber GRIPSTRIPS that lift up to 20% more dirt, leaving my floors even cleaner! It can be used on all types of flooring, the power wringer is very easy to use, and the mop head can be machine washed up to 50 times before it needs to be replaced. Replacement mop heads are available for around $5.99 each.

Libman Wonder Mop

Spring Cleaning

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The Freedom Spray Mop gets used daily in my home, and my kids are even able to use it. It is perfect for quick cleanups of the MANY messes that occur in our home each day! The cleaning pad can be machine washed, and replacement pads are available. This mop is an absolute must have if you have kids or pets!

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Check out the Libman Wonder Mop now! If you sign up for the Libman Company newsletter, you can save $3!

Spring Cleaning is about to begin in my home! It should be interesting this year with a newborn, but thanks to babywearing, and a lot of great helpers, we should be able to check off every task on the master checklist by May! Happy Cleaning!

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Do you tackle Spring Cleaning each year? What's on your list?

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  1. I really need to work on my spring cleaning. I use the Libman mop too!

  2. Great tips. I think listening to music while cleaning is helpful.



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