Our Five Ring Circus: Living the Beach Life

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Living the Beach Life

Living the Beach Life in Myrtle Beach

I made it my goal to complete our Myrtle Beach Family Vacation Recap within 3 months of our trip ending. I had to be reasonable, considering I'm currently growing a tiny human who is incredibly worth it, but making me so sick every single day! I wasn't able to mention it before breaking the news, but we actually figured out we were expecting shortly after we arrived in Myrtle Beach. I'll save THAT story for another day!

We're quickly moving toward that 3 month mark, but I'm so close to finishing! Only three more days to go after this one. I just need to make my way through 1,000 more pictures. For now, I'm keeping this throwback thursday post short and sweet today...

Myrtle Beach Family Vacation Day Five

The title of this post was very accurate, because we spent almost all day on the beach! After our usual morning routine of breakfast in the dining room and relaxing in our hotel suite for a bit, we headed down to our favorite spot on the beach.  

While we are on vacation, Grant and I try to have quality time with each of our children. On this particular day, Grant and Lexie planned to spend the afternoon together exploring shops (Dylan and Grant did this the day before), while I stayed at the beach with Dylan, Lily, and Liam. They joined us for a little while, then headed off on their adventure!

Boogie Boarding in Myrtle Beach

We had a great afternoon after they left! There were only a few people on the beach that day, and we ended up staying until dinner time. Dylan and Lily spent a lot of time together, while I tried to convince Liam that playing in the ocean is fun!

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After showers and dinner, we headed out together to explore the boardwalk and some stores that Grant and Lexie discovered earlier that day. We were big fans of Gay Dolphin. Seriously, it was the coolest store ever!

Gay Dolphin Myrtle Beach

As we explored, we made a mental list of the souvenirs we wanted to buy before we left. We always let each of the kids choose something special, and this year, they brought some of their own money, too. They always put a lot of thought into their purchases!

We arrived back at our hotel later that night, and made it onto our balcony just in time to watch the fireworks on the beach. We had a perfect view, and they were surprisingly close! Fireworks on the beach is one of my favorite things about life at the beach!

Myrtle Beach Fireworks

Myrtle Beach Fireworks

Just as we did every evening, we headed down to the hotel water park for a late night swim. By the time we returned to our suite, we were all exhausted! The kids fell asleep quickly, and Grant and I sat on the balcony talking for a while. When we finally went to bed, I think we fell asleep just as quickly as our kids did! 

Stay tuned for day six next week, which includes our family beach portraits!

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Hotel info: South Bay Inn & Suites


  1. So fun! I love that watermelon swim suit!

  2. Looks like you guys had a great time! Love all the pics and hey, it's documented!

  3. Sooo excited you are growing your family more! Congrats again! That store sounds awesome!! So nice that you try to get alone time with each child separately! That means so much to them I am sure!


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