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Friday, November 9, 2018

A Few Of My Favorite Things

Happy Friday! It has been a few weeks since I shared a few of my favorite things, and my love list just keeps getting longer. I have so many new favorites that I would be typing forever if I included them all, so I'll just share some today, and some more next Friday!

If I'm going to be perfectly honest, much of my focus these days is on my kids and the new baby that we were not the least bit prepared for! (And if you missed the news, here you go!) It has been 5+ years since our last baby was born, and so many things have changed since then. Plus, we have to purchase almost everything again, because we were DONE. When I'm feeling so sick all the time, I don't really love much for myself, so most of my favoites are for kids!

Here are a few of the awesome things that made my love list...

The BEST Awareness Shirt

I ordered this shirt for Liam from Se7entees during Down syndrome Awareness Month! We got so many compliments on it, and it quickly became one of my favorites for Liam to wear. We always want people to see just how capABLE he is! (If you want to snag any of the positive or holiday tees from Se7entees, make sure you use the code LIAM15 to save!)

See the Able Not the Label Shirt from Se7entees

Olive Dip

One of my BFF's is always spoiling us with delicious food! He knows that my food and drink aversions are out of control right now, but for some reason, I can handle olives. It's so bizarre since most of the time I can't even stomach a sip of water!

He made me a big container of olive dip over the weekend, and I have been snacking on it all week. I will have to get the exact recipe from him to share, but I know it involves green olives, black olives, garlic, parmesan cheese, and olive oil tossed into a blender! I typically love olives when I'm not pregnant, so I'm sure it's going to taste even more amazing after I have the baby!

Olive Dip

Baby Boy Clothes

Although I still have some of Liam's awesome baby clothes from small shops, we do need quite a bit more for this baby. Thanks to friends, family, and my kids, we are acquiring quite a collection! At first, I was a little bit bummed I wouldn't be able to buy adorable baby girl clothes, but boy clothes are pretty darn cute these days! (And I totally forgot how tiny newborn and 3 month clothing is!)

Baby Boy Clothing

Outfits - Cat & Jack at Target / Shoes - Target

Baby Boy Clothing from Carter's

Convertible Gown Set & Dinosaur Outfit - Carter's 
(They are having an incredible clearance sale right now on these! The gown was less than $3!)

CVS Goodies

I recently received a generous box of snacks and CVS Health products to try! 

CVS Health Products

We shop at CVS frequently, and I usually buy CVS Health vitamins and supplements for my family. The melatonin, which Grant takes every night before bed, is the brand he prefers! My younger kids really like the daily multivitamin gummies, and Liam, who has to eat gluten-free, loves the YumEarth Organic Fruit Snacks! I have been working out almost every single weekday outdoors, so I'm keeping my lips protected with the Lip Repair. I love finding new products to add to the rotation, and it really helps when they are affordable!

Healthy Living Products

Matching Outfits

One thing I didn't think about when we found out we were having another boy was the fact that he and Liam can wear coordinating and matching outfits! Liam is still a little dude, so I'm sure I'll be able to do this for a few years. I recently received an order from Trendy Bubs, and the wonderful owners tossed in an adorable onesie and a tiny pair of leggings that matched the ones I bought Liam! I can't wait to get them more matching outfits!

Trendy Bubs

Boot Season

One of my favorite things about cold weather is being able to wear adorable boots! I stocked up on several new pairs for myself at the end of winter last year, and my girls were mostly set, but Liam needed a new pair. I had my eye on a cute pair from OshKosh B'gosh, so when I saw they were on sale for 50% off, I immediately snagged them!

Boys Boots

Sibling Love & Trendy Bubs

Finally, I'll leave you with the sweetest little photoshoot of my (current) youngest two! The relationships my kids have with each other melt my heart, but there is something extraordinary about loving and being loved by someone who has Down syndrome. The bond is truly like no other!

Down syndrome blogs

Life with Down syndrome

Down syndrome blog

Sister and Brother

The Lucky Few

Down syndrome

Down syndrome

Kids Photography

Lily's dress - Carter's KID / Liam's slouchy hat & shirt - Trendy Bubs 
(Use code liamff to save 20% at checkout at Trendy Bubs!)

We have a COLD weekend ahead of us, so I think we'll be spending most of our time indoors! What's on your agenda? 

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  1. It's supposed to be cold here too, ugh! I bet you'll have a wonderfully dressed little baby! I love olives too!

  2. I love the photos that you got this week. They are just too many not to share them all. Definitely so cute. And look at all the amazing gifts for you and new baby boy!!! So many cute outfits. I am dying over the cute outfits. I love the suspenders.

  3. Your photos are gorgeous! Funnily enough I've been snacking on olives in basil and garlic all weekend too - aren't they made so much better by the fact you feel like you are going to have great hair and skin afterwards too (that's what I tell myself as I stuff them down hahah). I hope you had a great weekend xx

  4. Aw, those photos of Lily and Liam are adorable. And boy clothes ARE getting much cuter!


  5. Those boots! They're so darn cute, they kill me!!! I tooootally get the girl/boy clothes thing. It's a little difficult this time around to not buy a few boy things and a few girl things - and of course, those girl clothes are so pretty, but once I look around, like with your post, I see loooots and lots of adorable boy clothes! Bow ties and suspenders for the win - always! I love being pregnant along with you. I'll definitely be stealing some ideas. ;) ;) ;)


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