Our Five Ring Circus: Hygge Living: 11 Incredibly Simple Ways To Enjoy Your Life

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Hygge Living: 11 Incredibly Simple Ways To Enjoy Your Life

Hygge Living: 11 Incredibly Simple Ways To Enjoy Your Life! #hygge #lifestyle

When I first saw the word Hygge appear in my Pinterest feed, I ignored it.  I chalked it up to being one of those trends that bloggers seem to obsess over (like oil pulling), and I didn't give it a second thought. Those pins kept increasing in popularity, so a few weeks ago, I decided to do some quick research. I was immediately captivated by the concept!

Hygge is a Danish word that's used to describe a cozy or special feeling or moment. It's essentially a way of living in which you appreciate and enjoy all the simple things in life. At that time, the concept resonated with me. The holidays were over, the winter blues were setting in, and I was making my goals for the upcoming year.

I was feeling bummed about packing away all the things that make the holidays feel so special and our home feel so cozy, and leaving behind all the moments of togetherness with our loved ones. Like I do every year, I thought to myself, why can't that feeling last for the entire year? And the truth is, it can!  Hygge really isn't a lifestyle change by any means, because everyone has experienced hygge in some form.  Hygge is enjoying the little things in life that make it so special!

When I think about the upcoming year, most of my goals are simple. I want to be happy and content within my home. I want to feel warm and cozy as much as possible.  I want to slow down and sip my morning cup of hot tea, read an extra chapter in my book, and cuddle with my kids under a warm blanket. I want to take slow(er) walks with my friends, go on more hikes with my family, enjoy game nights with my family and friends, and fill my home with laughter. THAT is hygge. It's cozy, content, happy living.

11 Incredibly Simple Ways To Enjoy Your Life 

Decorate with twinkle lights!


Think about how happy you feel when you see the world decorated with twinkle lights, or how cozy your home feels when it's illuminated by the glow of holiday lights. I always wish that could last year round, but I never do anything about it! This year, I changed that. I decided to add a few twinkle lights to my home decor, and it truly does make my home feel even more cozy!

Fill your home with warmth!


I am cold almost all the time, and nothing makes me feel cozier than curling up under a warm blanket! I like to fill my home with soft, warm blankets in every room, in a variety of textures. Sometimes you just want sherpa, sometimes you just want fleece, and sometimes you just want faux fur!

Make sure they are accessible for your guests, too. I love to fill my home with people (probably why I have 4 kids), and I want them to feel at home. I leave blankets draped over the furniture so they get used!

Finally, if you have a fireplace, use it! And if you don't have a real one, I highly recommend investing in an electric version. We use ours for half of the year! The spot in front of our fireplace is the most coveted spot in our entire home!

Get cozy!


I am not a fan of winter, but I can appreciate the beauty of the snow and cozy warmth of winter clothing! I'm always cold, which is now a running joke with everybody who knows me, but in my home, I can bundle up happily. The warmer and cozier the clothing, the more content I feel!

Here are a few of my favorite things:

  • Fleece or faux fur lined leggings
  • Long sweaters
  • Tunic-style sweatshirts with hoods or cowl necks
  • Boot socks
  • Slipper Socks
  • Fleece Jackets
  • Soft fleece pajamas
  • Slipper boots
It's your home! Embrace the fact that you can dress comfortably in it!

Enjoy a hot drink each day!


I think most people would agree that starting the day with a hot drink is essential. Although coffee seems to be the popular choice, I'm a hot tea person. I have to start my day with a hot drink, and I try really hard to sip it slowly so I can actually enjoy it!

And it's no secret that I love my mug collection! In my opinion, one can never have too many mugs (especially when they have sweater cozies)! Since we have guests over frequently, I keep my kitchen stocked with mugs of all sizes, hot cocoa, a large variety of tea bags, coffee, flavored creamer and honey. Our keurig is always ready to go, and the tea kettle sits on the counter at all times!

Fill your home with a comforting aroma!


Aromatherapy is a powerful thing! Fill your home with a smell that you love. Bake some cookies, make a home cooked meal, turn on a wall plug in, or light a candle. 

Get back to the basics!


We live in a modern, fast paced world full of electronics. Try to slow down for just a few minutes each day and enjoy the simple things. Light a candle, sip a hot drink, sit down, and write in a journal, jot down blog post ideas, or make a list. Sometimes going old-school and using a pen and paper is worth it!

Comfort food is the best food!


With so many recipes out there, it's easy to become overwhelmed. But sometimes, all you need to feel happy and content, is some comfort food. Think pasta, homemade mac and cheese, mashed potatoes and gravy, stews, and soups!

And, well, sweets really are a good treat! I believe in moderation, and allow myself to indulge in a sweet (or two if I'm going to keep it real) every day!

Read each day!


So many people give up reading once they are out of school, and I truly believe they are missing out! Find something you enjoy, and stick with it, even if it's a comic strip. I fill our home with books, and encourage all of my kids to read something every single day.

What happened, though, was that I wasn't following that rule myself. I had stacks of books to go through, and no time to read, so I just pushed it down on my to do list. But I soon realized I was missing something important in my daily life, and that was reading books. 

I now make it a point to read at least one chapter a day, if not more. One of my favorite things to do is get lost in a good book, and making time for it each day is essential for my happiness!

Get outside! 


Try to spend at least a few minutes outside each day. Even on cold or rainy days, the fresh air and the simple act of being outdoors can recharge you. Bonus points for getting active by going on a walk or a hike! Getting in touch with nature can be a very positive thing!

Schedule alone time for yourself!

Hygge Lifestyle

Many people tend to put themselves last on their lists. I am definitely one of those people. But spending time alone, doing something relaxing or enjoyable, is essential for your emotional health. 

With four kids, and being the sole caretaker most of the time, it's very difficult to carve out time for myself while juggling the things I *should* be doing.  This year, I learned to make myself a priority, too. Because the truth is, I matter, and I have to be happy and healthy in order to do my jobs well!

"Me Time" doesn't really happen every day, because there are many days that I am never without a child nearby. But even just a few times a week is beneficial. Whether it be a hot bath, sneaking in a few more chapters in my book, or taking the time to read and use a face mask before I dive into my to do list, I am quickly learning just how important me time actually is for my well being!

Make togetherness your priority!


Human beings are meant to be part of a community, Our lives are supposed to be filled with family and friends. So create your own family, build your tribe, and make togetherness your priority.

If you have a partner or kids, join together once a day for a family meal. Schedule a family movie night or a family game night each week. Go for a walk or go hiking together. Extend togetherness beyond blood relatives. The loved ones we choose are often just as important as those we are realated to. Invite your friends over often, and make them a part of your family! The point is to make memories, and enjoy the gift of togetherness!

Hygge really is a simple concept that everyone can embrace! Slow down, live in the NOW, and just appreciate all the amazing gifts - whether they be simple or extraordinary - that life has to offer!

Hygge Living: 11 Incredibly Simple Ways To Enjoy Your Life! #hygge #lifestyle

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  1. I love this. I try to do a lot of these things already!

    1. I think it's mostly about slowing down to enjoy life and focusing on self-care. It's something that many of us busy mamas push aside!

  2. So many fabulous tips and such a great way to live! I try to implement much of these into my daily life...it keeps me calm, relaxed, content, and fulfilled!


  3. You are speaking my language with this incredible list of ways to enjoy life! You had me agreeing and loving your list the whole time I was scrolling down! I've never heard of hygge before. I love it!

    Natalie A.

    1. I felt the same way when I finally read about it! I am all for cozy living!

  4. I like this tradition and glad many are trying it too! Love your favorite things!

  5. So fun. I'm going to prepare myself a hot cup of tea right now :) I love staying warm and relaxing. My husband laughs at me, but I do most of my errands during the week after work, so I can bury myself inside all weekend--at least as much as I can... Blankets, slipper boots, candles, books--count me in! Can I come over your house?

    1. I wish you could, my friend! We would have a lot to talk about!


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