Our Five Ring Circus: Five Favorite Easter Ideas for Kids: Eat, Craft, Play!

Friday, April 14, 2017

Five Favorite Easter Ideas for Kids: Eat, Craft, Play!

Happy Easter weekend to those of you who celebrate! I love Easter so much, and I'm really looking forward to spending it with my sweet family.

We have been in Easter mode all week. From reading books to having an Easter picnic to baking to crafting, we managed to check almost everything off of our Easter Bucket List. The only thing I didn't manage to do? Finish decorating the house! The flu that took down 5 of our 6 family members over the past few weeks really got in the way of our Easter plans. More than half of our decorations are still in the attic! Better luck next year, right?!?

I already shared a few of our favorite Easter traditions, including a Lollipop Garden and Easter Egg Mini-Meals, but these five Easter ideas also got a big thumbs up from my kids!

Peeps Nest Cupcakes

Easter Peeps Nest Cupcakes

These cupcakes so cute and so easy to make! Just make your favorite cupcake, top it with your favorite frosting, then create a nest and eggs on top using edible Easter grass, jelly beans and Peeps chicks!

Lily had a lot of fun decorating these cupcakes with me. We had to work quickly, because the toddler tornado kept running over and stealing the Peeps off the top of the cupcakes! There were a few losses, but we ended up with 16 adorable and delicious cupcakes!

Easter Cupcakes

Foil Easter Egg Craft

Some of you may remember our foil fish craft from Camp Mom over the Summer. It was such a simple craft, and the kids loved it! Their foil fish ended up on display until just a few weeks ago. This craft idea is also super cute for Easter!

All you need to create this craft is cardboard, foil and permanent markers. (Metallic or Neon markers work the best.)

Easter Craft

The procedure is easy! Just trace a large egg shape on a piece of cardboard and cut it out. Cover the cardboard egg with a piece of foil that is large enough to be folded over the edges. Smooth out the surface on the front of the egg and let your kids decorate it with permanent markers!

Easter Egg Craft
Easter Egg Craft
Easter Egg Craft
Easter Egg Craft

The end result is a really cute art project that can be displayed for the holiday!

Foil Craft

Easter Books

Our collection of Easter books made its way to the holiday book crate, and my kids have been reading them every day. I didn't get the chance to share all of our favorite Easter books, so I figured I would share the two books that are read the most.

Liam loves to read and he can't get enough of Easter Surprise! He loves to pull the eggs apart to see what's inside!

Easter Books

Lily is really into The Easter Story this year. It's a religious book and she has been asking so many questions. This book explains Easter in a simple way so it's easy for younger kids to understand.

Easter Books

Rice Krispies Eggs

Once upon a time, I tried that awesome idea of filling plastic Easter Eggs with Rice Krispies Treats so they form in the shape of an egg. Yeah...never again. Getting them out of those eggs was a nightmare, even with a ton of cooking spray!

We much prefer the shaping the Rice Krispies Treats into eggs method! It still isn't as easy as it sounds, but it's much easier than the other way. They do turn out really cute!

Rice Krispies Treats Eggs

How To:

  1. Stretch out a piece of wax paper on your counter and spray with cooking spray.
  2. Make the Rice Krispies Treats according to the directions on the back of the box.
  3. Drop the Rice Krispies Treats in large, rounded spoonfuls onto the wax paper.
  4. Allow to mostly cool, then use your cooking oil-covered hands to form them into an egg shape.
  5. Allow to cool completely, then spread a thin layer of frosting on top of each egg.
  6. Top with sprinkles.

Easter Egg Sensory Bin

Sensory Bin

Last year, we had an Easter Egg Sensory Bin, but this year we kicked it up a notch. I grabbed our big box of plastic Easter Eggs and dumped them into Liam's ball pit! His mind was blown. He immediately crawled inside and he stayed there for an hour.

It's such a simple idea, but taking apart plastic Easter Eggs and putting them back together over and over again provides hours of entertainment! (Plus it's awesome for strengthening those fine motor skills!) It's even more fun if you give them little items to put inside. Lily and Liam love it so much that they're going to be sad to see it go!

Down syndrome

Happy Easter, my friends! 

EAT, CRAFT, PLAY! Easter Ideas for Kids!

What did you do to celebrate Easter with your kids this week?


  1. Rice Krispie eggs and those foil eggs are things I needed to have done yesterday! Great ideas girl!

    1. Thank you! Maybe you can whip them up today. The foil eggs are really simple!

  2. Liam is loving the eggs! I love all of your ideas. I didn't know they made edible Easter grass!

  3. These are so fun! I need to be better about doing fun holiday things.

  4. Love this round up, the Peeps cupcakes and Easter egg sensory play might make an appearance at my house this weekend, thanks for the great ideas!

  5. Those cupcakes are SO cute and I love the Rice Krispie Treat eggs. Actually, I love all Rice Krispie Treats so ones with icing are even better! :)

  6. ADORABLE! We may need to make some of those foil eggs today! Have a great Easter friends!

  7. What fantastic Easter ideas!! I totally failed this year and did nothing. I even failed at boiling our eggs. They cracked. Every single freaking one.

  8. Such a cute idea and perfect for all of Spring.

  9. I'm all about holiday books, and yet, I have none for easter! I really need to change that next year! And now... I'm craving rice krispie treats!

  10. These are all such cute ideas! Especially love the books!

    Thanks for linking up with us for High Five for Friday!


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