Our Five Ring Circus: Kids Activities: Camp Mom Week 6

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Kids Activities: Camp Mom Week 6

When I started coming up with ideas for my Camp Mom Summer project, I honestly didn't think we would be able to complete more than one full week of kids activities.  Surprisingly, we managed to complete 6 weeks already and my kids are loving it!

There were so many fun kids activities this week and my kids declared it the best week of Camp Mom so far! The girls whipped up their own Kool-Aid lipgloss, we beat the heat with a play date at the spray park, Lexie created a vanilla mallowreos recipe (FYI-she named them!), we set up our own DIY backyard splash pad and the kids made adorable puffy paintings.  It really was a fun week!

We did have one fail, though!  We originally put a backyard foil river activity on our schedule and ended up replacing it after a fail of epic proportions.  Even heavy duty aluminum foil didn't hold up. After 3 incredibly frustrating tries, we gave up and opted for a DIY backyard splash pad, instead. That was MUCH more fun!

Here's a quick recap of the kids activities we did for Camp Mom Week 6 (Recipes and Instructions included): 

Kids Activities for Camp Mom

Kool-Aid Lipgloss {Camp Mom Day 26}

Kids Activities Kool-Aid Lipgloss

My girls are a bit obsessed with lipgloss. They definitely get it from me! Lexie has been asking to make her own lipgloss for months, so we bought a few supplies and we finally completed this easy project!

Supply List:

  • Small cosmetic jars (found in the travel section)

  • Large jar of Vaseline

  • Packets of Kool-Aid

  • Honey

  • Bowls and spoons for mixing

Kids Activities Kool-Aid Lipgloss


  1. Divide the amount of Vaseline you will need to fill your jars between 2-4 bowls.

  2. Empty a Kool-Aid packet into each bowl.

  3. Add a few drops of honey (for flavor) to each bowl. 

  4. Mix thoroughly.

  5. Carefully spoon the mixture into each jar.

 Kool-Aid Lipgloss

This was a quick and easy project that the girls were able to complete on their own. The jars are reusable so they will be able to make another batch and refill their jars in a few weeks!

Spray Park {Camp Mom Day 27}


Kids Activities Spray Park

When the weather heats up, head to a local spray park! There's a great one about 25 minutes away from our house and it's free. We love to meet our friends at the spray park for play dates! 

We had a great time at the spray park, but I'm going to save all those pictures for another post!

Spray Park

DIY Backyard Splash Pad {Camp Mom Day 28}


Kids Activities DIY Backyard Splash Pad

This was a really simple idea that turned out to be a lot of fun! My kids were occupied for hours!


  • Large Tarp

  • Baby Pool

  • Bubble Bath 

  • Slide

  • Sprinkler

  • Water Table

  • Sponge Bombs

  • Boogie Boards

No instructions needed! Just put down a large tarp in your backyard, gather up your outdoor water toys (pool, sprinkler, water table, etc) and set them up on or around the tarp! Make sure you place the sprinkler in the middle because that's what turns the tarp into a giant slip and slide! We opted to place the tarp next to the slide, so we could put the baby pool full of bubbles and balls at the bottom of the slide. 


DIY Backyard Splash Pad

 It was a great way to spend a Summer day!


Vanilla Mallowreos {Camp Mom Day 29}


 Kids Activities Vanilla Mallowreos


Lexie loves to bake and she's always concocting simple no-bake recipes on her own! When she goes grocery shopping with me she always picks up a few extras for her concoctions. She came up with an idea for a sandwich cookie using vanilla wafers and marshmallow fluff and it actually tasted really good!  She lovingly dubbed this recipe Vanilla Malloweos, because she said it tastes like a vanilla wafer version of golden Oreos!


  • Vanilla Wafers

  • Marshmallow Fluff 

  • Rainbow Sprinkles

No Bake Cookie Recipe



  1. Place a glob of marshmallow fluff on the bottom of a vanilla wafer. 

  2. Place another vanilla wafer on top to make a sandwich.

  3. Empty the sprinkles onto a plate and gently roll the outside of the vanilla wafer sandwich cookies in the sprinkles.


Kids Activities


Mom Confession: I'm secretly hoping that Lexie takes over the cooking one day! 


Puffy Paint Ice Cream Cones {Camp Mom Day 30}


Puffy Paint Ice Cream Cone Craft


My kids are huge fans of puffy paint! It's such a simple recipe that leaves behind the softest texture after it dries. Painting with Puffy Paint is a fun sensory experience!


  • Construction Paper

  • Cones cut out of brown construction paper

  • Large bottle of white school glue

  • Can of white shaving cream

  • Food Coloring

  • Sprinkles 

  • Bowls and Paintbrushes


Kids Activities Puffy Paint Crafts


  1. Mix equal parts glue and shaving cream in the bowls. 

  2. Add drops of food coloring to each bowl and mix.

  3. Glue the brown construction paper cone onto the sheet of construction paper. 

  4. Paint the ice cream on top of the cone.

  5. Shake sprinkles all over the puffy paint.

  6. Dry overnight.


 Puffy Paint

Kids Activities

 Kids Activities

A sure sign that kids love this activity? My too-cool tween actually joined in!

Kids Activities

That, my friends, is how we rocked Camp Mom this week!

 Coming up next week:

  • Golfish Bag Slime

  • Jello Cup Aquariums

  • Field Trip

  • Aquarium Sensory Bottles

  • Foil Fish Craft

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What activities are you doing with your kids this Summer?


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  1. So cute, as always. I kinda want to attend camp mom myself :P.

    1. Thank you! Haha! We would love to have you over! You have to bring your girls, though! ;)

  2. Love, love, love everything! You do the most fun things with your kids and I love it. I wish work didn't consume the majority of my week so I could do all of this stuff myself! So fun!

    1. Thank you so much! XOXO I'm sure that's tough but I know you make the most of your time off!

  3. I love that you're doing this. I have Mommy Camp coming up here in a few weeks! I may borrow some ideas!

    1. Thank you! You definitely should! I highly recommend the puffy paint craft!

  4. Looks fun! I might try some of these when my grandkids come to visit. :) gwingal

  5. Kool-aid lipgloss?! You are officially the coolest mom ever! And that icecream craft is so stinking adorable!

  6. You are just the coolest mom! I love this. I just got another little sprinkler thing so I think we'll be rocking the back yard water by the end of this week!

  7. Girlfriend - all of this is amazing! How do you do it?! Those puffy paint ice cream cones - oh my gosh, we'll be making those ASAP!

  8. Girl, you have to be the funnest mom EVER! Kool-aide lip gloss?? I would have thought I had died and gone to heaven to make something like that as a little girl!

    1. The girls loved it! I tried not to make our crafts gender-specific but Dylan isn't into crafts anymore and Liam isn't quite ready, so we'll definitely be making more girly things!

  9. These are so awesome! I especially love the puffy paint ice cream cones! Thanks for sharing this with us for Tuesday Talk! I'll be sharing this on social media and featuring it this week! -Jessica, Sweet Little Ones


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