Our Five Ring Circus: Milestones and Weekending

Monday, July 20, 2015

Milestones and Weekending

It's hard to believe we're already halfway through Summer vacation!!!

There are only 6 more weeks left until school starts. I know those weeks are going to fly by, so we're trying to make every moment count and enjoy summer to the fullest!

This week was very exciting, because Liam really took off with his walking! He went from just taking a few independent steps in a row to walking across rooms! He also started climbing on everything!

After Liam was born, I read so many statistics that said the average age for a child who has Down syndrome to walk is 2-4.  All I could picture was having a nonverbal 3 year old who wasn't strong enough to walk.  Liam loves to prove those statistics wrong!  As of last night, he's walking about 75% of the time! We're SO proud of him!

This weekend was MUCH needed after an overly busy week.  A lot of our time was spent at the library.  Dylan had science camp every day. One of those days, we were at the library for over 3 hours due to Theater Group following science camp! We LOVE our local library, but this week was excessive!


Our weekend officially kicked off on Friday!  I met up with my sister, brother-in-law, and nephews, so Dylan could go to New York with them for the weekend.  He was so excited!

Just dropped this kid off for a 3 day weekend in New York! ❤ I give my sister and BIL lots of credit for taking an 11 year old boy and three 10 year old boys on a road trip!

While he was there, he got to see Niagara Falls for the first time, go on Maid in the Mist, and go to Rainforest Cafe! He had a GREAT weekend!

Dylan and his cousins got to see #niagarafalls today! ❤

Meanwhile, back at home, we spent Friday visiting my parents.  Liam cooled off on the deck with his Papa, we had dinner together, my dad took the girls to visit family, then Lexie had a sleepover with her cousin, Aubrey.  I ended up having a quiet Friday night!

I'm smiling because it's Friday. He's smiling because he's free of clothing! ❤ Kicking off this carefree weekend by hanging out on Nina and Papa's deck!

On Saturday, Liam turned 23 months old!  I can't believe he will be 2 next month!


Grant went to a friend's house that evening to celebrate his friend's birthday, so the girls, Liam, and I did some shopping.  A LOT of shopping.  I rewarded them for being good sports by taking them to Dairy Queen!

Saturday Night #icecream Date with my girls (and Liam)! ❤

We got home just before dusk, so the kids cruised through the backyard while I put away groceries.


Sunday was REALLY hot and humid.  We couldn't think of anything better to do than go swimming with friends!


Liam's confidence from walking gave him the confidence to attempt to get into the pool on his own!  Lily was NOT happy about this!


He did it anyway!


It was scorching outside, but we ended up having a great afternoon swimming with our friends!


Of course, swimming almost always results in a nap!  Lily and Liam fell asleep on the way home, and my nap was migraine-induced.  Luckily, we all woke up happier!


We finished up our outdoor fun with another cruise through our yard.  After that, it was time for dinner and time to pick up Dylan!  We only got to see him for 20 short minutes before he was off to another (already planned) sleepover! 


Liam was out of sorts all day, which is so unlike him. I knew he was teething, but I checked his mouth Sunday morning, and there wasn't anything new. That evening, I discovered that teeth 9 and 10 were through his gums, and 11 and 12 seemed to be following close behind!  Liam definitely likes to do everything at once.  He became an almost full-time walker, a crazy climber, and got two more teeth in just one short week! 


Life is forever changed!

We all had a wonderful weekend, and we're gearing up for a busy week ahead!  How was your weekend? 



  1. Go Liam Go! I can't believe summer is going by so quickly! It sounds like you're making the most of it! How fun that Dylan went to Niagra Falls. That's such a spectacular place, I'm sure he'll never forget it. Happy Monday!

    1. This summer is flying by! Thank you...Liam is doing great and Dylan had so much fun! I hope you have a great week!

  2. I can't believe summer is winding down. We go back to school in 5 weeks. I feel like summer just started! Looks like you all had a great weekend. Liam is doing such an awesome job walking!

    1. We typically would be going back in 5 weeks, but for some reason, we're starting in September this year. Either way, it's going to fly by!

  3. Your family are gorgeous I am so envious of the weekend you had, I love swimming and what a cutie Liam is. Being different is unique and I love that you celebrate his difference. Gorgeous http://www.fadedspring.co.uk/#!Queen-Of-The-Dance/cmbz/55a90cf70cf286eab0254207

  4. You must be thrilled That Liam'll be 2! Those videos were just too cool! And lovely pictures, as always. :)

  5. Oh fun. He is so cute with his walking!


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