Our Five Ring Circus: The OFFICIAL Easter Post

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The OFFICIAL Easter Post

Easter is one of my favorite holidays! 

Other than the religious aspect of it, there's just something so special about it.  Everyone is always so happy, the weather is just beginning to warm up, and it's usually right around my birthday. I eagerly anticipate it every year!

This Easter did not disappoint!

The kids woke up earlier than usual this year (just after 9), but we were greeted with sweet smiles!


Dylan, Lexie, and Lily couldn't wait to find their baskets.  It didn't take them long to discover them on the attic steps! Dylan and Lexie tore into their baskets faster than I could take pictures, but Lily and Liam took their time checking things out!


Of course, you have to eat a little bit of candy first thing in the morning!


After baskets came the mad rush to get all of us ready for church.  Thank goodness church is only a half mile away from our house! We got there just minutes before the service started, and joined Grant's family in the pew.

I love Easter Sunday service!  Our kids were so well behaved, which made it even more enjoyable! Halfway through the service, the kids go to the front of the church to listen to a kid-friendly sermon.  Grant's Nannie really wanted Liam to be up there, too, so I took him up.  He turned around, spotted everyone in the pews behind him, and flashed his huge smile.  People began to smile and wave at him, which only made him happier.  He began bouncing, squealing, waving, and everyone was laughing.  His joy is so contagious!

After church, one of the church members took a picture of Grant's family with us.  We didn't get a great picture of us with the kids on my camera, but she took one of our family as we arrived.  I haven't received it yet, but I hope it's good!  For now, the group picture is a good one!


After church, we had some drinks and snacks, and chatted with some of the church members whom we don't get to see much.  I really wish we could make it to church more often, but it is a big ordeal for us.  I'm going to try harder over the next few months!

After a very brief stop at our house, we stopped by Grant's Nannie's house for a few minutes. One of Grant's out-of-town relatives was there and really wanted to see the kids.  The kids got a few treats, and we had a nice visit.


Before long, it was time to go.  We said our goodbyes, then headed to our next stop. That was a bit of a drive, and resulted in car naps!


This year, we were able to have Easter dinner with Grant's Grandma. Liam was very fond of Easter dinner, and Lily entertained! We attempted a picture of Grant's Grandma with her great grandkids, but it didn't work out too well. Liam decided to kick Lily in the head, pull her hair, and poke his cousin's cheeks!We had a good time visiting with Grant's mom's family, and the kids loved playing with the cousins that we only see at holidays! 


After dinner, everyone started to leave.  We didn't have anywhere else to go, and we got home by 4:30! Lily and Liam fell asleep, so we transferred them to their beds. I took a few pictures of Dylan and Lexie all dressed up, and that morphed into a quick photoshoot when Lily and Liam woke up! We may not have a great family picture, but I'm so glad we have these!

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Shortly after arriving home, my great-niece, Aubrey, came over for a sleepover. The kids played for hours! We had no work, school, or therapy the following day, so we thoroughly enjoyed a relaxing Easter evening snacking on some Easter goodies!

It was a very happy Easter!

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  1. Such cute kiddos, looks like a special day. And, 9AM? Really? That is ah-mazing!

    1. Thank you! We had a great day!
      That's early for them on the weekend, especially after going to bed at midnight!

  2. Adorable pictures of the kiddos and how lucky for you they sleep (or slept?) after 9. These little ones are usually raring to go by 7am every morning.

    1. Thank you!
      Mine love to sleep! I have to wake my older two for school at 7:30, and they are not happy about it!

  3. What beautiful Easter photos. It sounds like your day was perfect--from baskets, to mass, to family dinner, to coming home at a reasonable time. I'm so glad it was special!

  4. What a great Easter! I love your pictures!!!


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