Our Five Ring Circus: Liam at 19 Months

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Liam at 19 Months


Liam Dayne
19 months
18 1/2 lbs
29 inches


Milestones:  Standing unassisted for longer periods of time, taking 1-2 unassisted steps between furniture (when he wants to of course), crawling up steps, and crawling down from furniture.  The urge to climb onto the couch is there, and he picks up his leg to do it, but he's still too short!


Tooth Count: No change since last month!  He still has 7 teeth, but it looks like 3 more are on the way!


Eating: 3 meals a day plus 2 snacks.  He self feeds every meal, and is beginning to learn how to use a spoon and fork properly.  He uses a straw cup for his milk, and he briefly nurses when he wakes up, and briefly nurses before bed.  He is gradually weaning from breastfeeding.


Favorite Foods:  Bananas, Cereal Bars, Yogurt, Yogurt Melts, French Toast (plain), Macaroni and Cheese, Pasta with sauce, Carrots, Peas, Cheese, Peaches, and Pineapple.


Sleeping:  Liam sleeps 12-14 hours a night, takes one long afternoon nap, and often falls asleep in the car. I have no complaints in the sleep department!


Words/Signs:  Mama, Dada, Papa, Dyl (Dylan), Up, Down, Hi, ByeBye, Baby, Pop, All Done, and Bubbles. A lot of his words are repeated when we say them, so his Speech Therapist and I are working on getting him to incorporate them more into everyday speech. He regularly signs eat and more. He LOVES to sing!


Likes:  Snuggling, giving hugs and kisses, smiling at everyone, making messes, eating, playing at the library, crawling through the grass, cruising through the house, eating paper products, speech therapy sessions, and taking baths.


Dislikes:  Having his face wiped, having a dirty diaper, being cold, being forced to do something he doesn't want to do, and swinging in outdoor swings (which used to be a favorite last year).


Favorite Toys and Games: {links provided on most}   Leapfrog Cook and Play Potsy, Play Kitchen and accessories, Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Puppy's Activity Home, books, Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Crawl Around Car, bristle blocks, vtech sit-to-stand learning walker, and his foam letter playmat.  He loves playing with Lily's mini baby dolls that are in a mini bunkbed, and loves to play peek-a-boo!


Favorite Gear: {links provided on most}  Ergo baby carrier, Halo SleepSack, Ikea Bibs, Munchkin Click Lock Weighted Flexi-Straw Cup, and Nuby No-Spill Easy Grip Cup with Super Straw.


Nicknames: Miam, SuperLiam, Little Dude, and Buddy.


Health:  He doesn't have any health issues, which we are SO thankful for!  He only got sick once over the winter, which is great for a child who has Down Syndrome. Unfortunately, he has a high fever and diarrhea right now.  I'm praying it passes quickly!


Early Intervention: He receives Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Speech Therapy in our home. Each type of therapy is once a week for one hour.  Keeping my house company-ready twice a week can be tedious, but I know Early Intervention benefits him so much!  I think we maintain a good balance between therapy and letting him be a kid!


Wearing:  Mostly 6-9 month clothing, size 2 shoes, and size 3 diapers. Some 0-3 month onesies still fit, and some 3-6 month clothing items still fit.  He's growing, but at a very slow rate right now!


Personality:  He's the sweetest, snuggliest, happiest, most charming little boy! We adore him!



  1. What a cutie, AND he has so much personality! I think Liam is ready for catalog modeling :)

  2. Oh my gosh I just love him! He's so photogenic! With a loving family he's going far in life.

  3. Those faces!!! So adorable!!!! :)


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