Our Five Ring Circus: Busyness, Parties, and Sickness...AKA: Life Lately

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Busyness, Parties, and Sickness...AKA: Life Lately

I am currently in the season of life where everything flies by in a whirlwind.

My days are nonstop, and I don't slow down until I pass out in the wee hours of the night.  I race through my days attempting to meet every single need, make it to every single appointment/commitment on time, and check things off my rapidly expanding to do list.  There is NO TIME left over.

I know this is just a season, and seasons change. Right now, my life can only be described as constant busyness!  As tiring and overwhelming as it can often be, I love this life.  I'm not quite sure what I will do with myself when I do get a break!

Grant is just as busy.  Work is overwhelming right now, and he has a long commute to and from his office.  I swear, his coworkers get to see him more than we do!!!  When he's home, there are so many projects we need to tackle, but we just don't want to spend our time working!

Dylan got his stitches out on Friday.  It was rough!  His doctor had a hard time getting them out, and Dylan ended up getting woozy.  He spent a good half hour laying down on the exam table after they were taken out.

We're at the doctor to get his stitches removed. He isn't thrilled about it, but at least we all got to sleep in!

Of course, he deserved a donut after that experience!

Poor dude almost fainted after getting his stitches out. The doctor had to tug and pull to get them out, and his head immediately started pounding and he got dizzy. He deserved a donut after that ordeal!

Dylan stays after school once a week for choir. He enjoys it, and is considering starting an instrument next year. Thankfully, I missed the deadline for signing him up for baseball, because he isn't allowed to play sports for a few weeks while his knee heals! He's very excited to start basketball in the Fall, though!

Lexie is doing great!  She is so smart and creative. Second grade really agrees with her.  She loves her teacher and friends, and is getting straight A's.  She works hard and hasn't missed a single day of school.  I offered to let her stay home today because she was complaining of a scratchy throat, and she refused.  She actually wanted to go to school!  We can't seem to get her to commit to a sport or activity right now.  She keeps changing her mind. She loves singing and musical theater, so Grant and I are really hoping she follows in our footsteps.  For now, I'm hoping she settles on something by Fall!

Lily spends her days at home with Liam and I. She attends Storytime at the library once a week and LOVES it. She goes in by herself, so I have a feeling she's going to adapt well to Pre-K.  She's currently trying to decide between gymnastics and ballet for the Fall.  The two of us have been working on a lot of fun projects together! We'll be sharing more of those soon!

Liam is currently sick with a cold.  He got a really high fever on Sunday evening, which lasted 24 hours, then the cold symptoms showed up.  Other than congestion and a runny nose, he's finally starting to feel better!  I'm so glad, because he was miserable for those 24 hours!


His speech is really taking off and he's starting to take more unassisted steps.  He's just so happy and so sweet.  He is such a joy to live with!

We're currently trying to plan our summer vacation!  Due to some unseen circumstances (a job change, another job change, a pregnancy), we were unable to go for the past two years.  We're so excited to end our summer with a week at the beach!

Finally, we celebrated the 4th birthday of our sweet friend, Charlie, over the weekend!


I didn't take many pictures, and have none of the older kids, but it was because we were too busy having fun!  Our friends are like family to us, and we are so thankful for all of them!  Four is off to a good start for Charlie!


As the saying goes, if your kids are TOO quiet, expect trouble!

AND it only took me 14 hours to finish this post!  That's a wrap!


  1. LOL!!!! Yup, isn't that the truth!? Kids + Quiet = Something is up! Also, that cake is adorable! Take care over there! :)

    1. SO true!!!
      3 of my 4 kids and I have mild colds now, but I'm hoping they'll go away soon! It figures it hits right before a gorgeous stretch of weather!

  2. LOL I just love the doughnut idea! When I was young if we were injured or sick we got a new coloring book and crayons. But I'm sure I would have rather had a doughnut. Love you pictures especially Liam's smile and the girls makeup secession. You have your life full but "Thanks" so much for sharing it with everyone.

    1. Thank you!
      I would have loved to get a coloring book and crayons, but he's all about the doughnuts!

  3. I can't believe it's about to be May 1st.. like seriously!! Sounds like you've been keeping pretty busy.

  4. If the icing is pink, why are the mouths blue? ;-) #greatmysteriesoflife

  5. The month flew by for us too. I still don't know where you find so much energy in a day to do all of your errands and take your children to all their activities. Happy summer vacation planning! You deserve it!

    1. Thanks! Vacation planned...at the end of the busy summer, and we get home two days before school starts. Haha. I'm insane!

  6. That cake! That outfit! Love, love, love!


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