Our Five Ring Circus: A Night With My Girls

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A Night With My Girls

On January 31st, I headed into Pittsburgh for a night out with Lexie and Lily!

Our destination?  The Byham Theater to see The Little Mermaid the musical. 


Lexie and Lily were so excited to go and I was so excited to take them.  For those who don't know, I grew up performing in musicals and plays.  It's how I met Grant!  We were cast as Adam and Eve in the musical The Apple Tree, we started dating, and got married a year and a half later!  I couldn't wait to share something I was passionate about with my girls!

When we walked into the beautiful theater, Lexie was awestruck.  She went to musicals before, but never in a big theater, and never in the city.  Lily had never gone to a musical, so this was her first experience!


My friends, Steph and Tracy, got tickets, too, so we all decided to sit together.  Our friend, Amy, was there with her mom and ended up sitting two rows ahead of us.  The girls were very anxious for the start of the show, and luckily, they didn't have to wait long!

Lexie and Lily were amazed by the lights, the live music, and the scenery!  Lexie kept telling me, "I LOVE THIS!" and every time the lights dimmed between scenes, Lily said, "Let's see what happens next!"  I have to admit, I teared up several times over the fact that they were enjoying it so much!

The musical was really cute and followed along closely to the movie.  The leads were fantastic, and the big musical numbers were entertaining.  Lexie and Lily were captivated the entire time!


The girls loved the show, and I enjoyed spending time with just them!  I'm so glad they enjoyed their first (big) theater experience so much. I hope to attend many more with them.  Who knows?  Maybe one of them will walk in our footsteps!


By the time the show ended and we got out of the theater, it was really late.  The little girls were very tired, but Lexie was still grinning ear to ear!

However, the fun didn't end there!  The girls had a chance to meet some of the main characters, get their autographs, and get their pictures taken with them!


Lexie was the only one who cooperated for pictures with Flounder, Sebastian, and Prince Eric.  Lily was tired, and popped her thumb out of her mouth long enough to say hello to them.  But...when we got to Ariel, she sure perked up!!!


What a great experience!!!  Lexie and Lily are still talking about it!

We headed into the lobby to get our coats on, because January weather in Pittsburgh is usually COLD.  It was obvious that (most of) the girls were tired, but we attempted a quick group photo!


Even though it was already 11:30, everyone was hungry, so we stopped at nearby restaurant for a quick meal.  By the time we headed home, it was 12:30 AM, and everyone was exhausted!


I had a wonderful night with my sweet girls! We had a great time at the theater, and we can't wait to go back. I really hope they remember this night forever.  I know I will!


*I'm so thankful I have friends who love to take pictures as much as I do.  Steph captured the shots I didn't get a chance to capture, such as the front view of the theater, and the first picture from the musical.  It's hard to take pictures while a toddler is sitting on your lap through the entire show.  Thanks for sharing the pictures, Steph!  XOXO


  1. Awe how fun! I'm glad you had such a great night! Love there dresses too. =)

  2. Oh my goodness, how FUN!! What a perfect night out with the girls! I can't wait to do this kind of stuff with Mia!

  3. Oh how fun!!!! I wish I would've known this was playing, Breanna would've love this

  4. That looks like so much fun! Love that you all dressed up for the theater too, sad how feel people do now days


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