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Monday, October 8, 2012

Life Lately

*Fall has arrived in Pittsburgh.  On Friday, we were wearing summer clothes.  On Saturday, it dropped to the 50's.  Last night, the lowest temp dipped just under 30.  BRRR!  I finally caved and turned our heat on today!

*Speaking of Fall, I  started decorating.  I finally admitted the fact that summer was over.  Our front porch has been decorated for 2 weeks, but I've been working on the inside.  I started late, so I'm slowly sneaking in some Halloween decor with the Fall decor.


*I do love Fall!  I just hate when it gets really cold and I hate the long winter that follows.  Anything below 60 is too cold for me!  I do, however, love the Fall activities, the gorgeous colors of the trees, the comfort of Fall, the foods, the smells, boots and sweaters, and the adorable Halloween outfits!

*Lily has been teething again.  She's working on teeth #13-16.  Teething is a joy. She's actually not bad, but when you have an easy-going baby, they seem so much worse when they're sick or teething!

*I have been a picture-taking fool.  No complaints here, though. I love it!  I took senior pictures, followed by a fun set of 13 months pictures, followed by black and white portraits at Lexie's school.

*Speaking of pictures, the kids got their school pictures back already.  They're cute, but...mine are better.  Enough said. 

*Grant's car still isn't fixed.  He and I switched cars.  He got a Traverse as his rental, and he doesn't like driving a huge SUV with nobody else in it.  It happens to be the car I want next, so I'm happy I got a chance to test drive it.  The kids and I love it!  It's going to be so difficult to give it back!

*I have a super awesome giveaway coming up from my absolute favorite online shop.  I can't wait to share it with you!  Hint?  All those adorable outfits and accessories Lily wears?  You might get a chance to win some of your own!

*It's incredibly difficult watching somebody you love decline so rapidly.  I was putting together a photo album for Grant's dad today, and I bawled my way through it.

*Looking through years worth of happy memories made me so thankful for my babies, my family, and my friends.  You know who you are...just know how much you mean to me!

*My phone kicked the bucket over the weekend.  Well, the phone still works, but the screen shattered.  I was due for an upgrade, but I still paid a ton of money to replace it.  I absolutely love my new phone.  My only complaint about my old one was the battery life, but they fixed that problem with my new phone!

*I keep waiting for life to slow down a bit, but it hasn't.  A typical day for me: wake up at 7, run around like a maniac until 10:00 PM, sit down for an hour, then go to bed.  Repeat.  I keep reminding myself that these are the days I'm going to miss not too long from now.  That makes it worthwhile!


  1. It is cold! Yesterday our high was 49. Brrr!

    Fun about the giveaway!

  2. I love those sparkly spider things you have in your collage. Super cute!

    I seriously don't know where the time in a day goes. And worse than that, I just feel like I can't get anything accomplished.

  3. I don't even remotely have your energy Lol. I know what you mean about being so thankful for family and friends and cherishing every moment. Life changes so fast. I've been taking a lot of pictures too! It always makes me happy and those fleeting moments last a little longer.

  4. Where do you get the energy?! I love fall too I just wish that we had the colors and coolness to go with ours! Its still in the 90's here!!

  5. I love your decorations!

    I wish we could skip from fall straight to spring lol...maybe we will have a milder winter!

    100% agree about how quickly life changes its so scary. I feel lucky to have you as a friend

    I know it has to be so hard dealing with your FIL but I know he will love the album!

  6. Ewk! but looks like she was having fun staring at it!

    sorry for the late visit. Been overly busy and sick last week!

    hope you are having a great week!

  7. I love decorating for each holiday and Fall is my favorite time of year! I also have a hard time slowing down the pace, but we are still here in NH and love it! It is cold here too. It snowed in the mountains the other night! Have a great night!

    Mama Hen

  8. It's cold here too! I've been reluctant to wear a sweater, but yesterday I caved in! My days pretty much run from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. except a good majority of that time is spent at work. Yuck! I try to do the same thing you do--remind myself that these are the days I'm going to miss (at least the time that's spent with Little Lewie that is...). And, I haven't seen your kids' school photos, but I already know that yours are way better!! :) Happy Fall!

  9. Love the update - your decorating is coming along nicely!!

    I didn't realize you took photos professionally - super cool!

    Lily has that many teeth?!?! Dang!

  10. Congrats on getting the fall decor out! And I loved your last point, b/c I feel exactly the same way :) Some day this will all be very different!

  11. Great decorations, and OF COURSE your pics are better than the school ones! I'm sorry to hear about the rapid decline in health- Grant's dad? I am not caught up at all! Hugs


  12. Your home looks so festive and colorful and happy! I'm glad you've been enjoying the Traverse instead of Grant, and speaking of Grant and his dad... well, I just wish there was something that could fix him!

  13. Loving the decor!! We're actually still in the high 70's with what feels like no end in sight. Sorry Lily is teething, we're only on 6 teeth so I know it's coming :( Hang in there mama!

  14. Oh goodness... when you are piecing together visual memories of someone's lifetime - it really makes things kind of reset perspective, doesn't it?

    The only silver lining of knowing you may lose someone soon - is that chance to REALLY love on them.

    Glad you are taking advantage of it :)

  15. We had Fall-like weather for seveal days too. I had fun wearing sweaters and boots for a while, but now it's back to the 80s :( Oh well!

    Sorry to hear about Grant's dad's health...in my prayers!

  16. Love the decorations! So cute!

  17. saddened to read about Grant's dad. Wonderful that you are putting together a special album for him.

    Yay on the new phone!!! I'm still waiting to get with the Smartphone times - and I'm about ready to take the plunge.

    Hope you can work in a little relaxation time somewhere in your hectic schedule before you run yourself ragged :-(


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