Our Five Ring Circus: Ups and Downs

Friday, January 13, 2012

Ups and Downs

I only have one explanation for all of this: Friday the 13th. Even though some of it happened yesterday, I'm sticking with it!

Lexie was miserable from the moment she woke up yesterday. Her 4 year old drama, sass and attitude were in full swing. My ears are still bleeding from all the shrieking, screaming and tantrums.
Up: She is full of joy today!

Down: Dylan stayed home from school yesterday. On Wednesday, he came home with bloodshot eyes. I immediately started him on an antibiotic eye drop, just in case. They were still red yesterday morning, so I kept him home. Sure enough, by 10:00, they were all clear. He so could have gone to school. I always struggle with keeping him home, but I'm justifying it with the fact that he's only missed 2 days of school ever.
Up: He went back to school today.

Down: A bottle of fabric softener fell on the floor of my garage and broke.
My garage smells fantastic!

Down: It took me forever to figure out how to use the deluxe blender my mom gave me last night.
Up: Lily has a delicious batch of pumpkin baby food in the freezer!

Down: The call from Dylan's school, announcing the 2 hour delay, woke me up at 6:35 AM. It woke the baby, too.
Up: I got to lay in my bed with my chatty baby girl for an extra hour!

Down: Lily had a massive poo-splosion, and I only noticed it as I went to buckle her into her car seat. I had no other choice but to put my poopy, smelly baby in the car, and deal with it when I got back. Otherwise, both kids would have been late.
Up: She didn't complain, and the outfit was dark brown, so no stains. YAY!

Down: The roads are horrific. I slid so much going to and from Lexie's school, and then again while picking her up.

Down: I forgot about my Toys R Us Rewards that expire today.
Up: Grant to the rescue! He's going after work to use them on a birthday present for Lexie! Score! I don't have to! AND...free money!

Down: We're skipping Grant's work party tonight. Which means, I have to cook.
Up: I don't have to make small talk with a bunch of people I have nothing in common with! Plus, we get to hang out with our best friends instead!

Happy Friday the 13th!


  1. I LOVE this ups and downs list! It just goes to show you can find something good about every situation.

  2. Well, hey, overall it seems like you've ended on all ups! :-)

  3. Love this post!!

    Lily and I headed to ToysRUs to use our rewards today too. :) I HATE losing free money!

    Andrew rarely misses school either. MAYBE one or two days.

    Happy Friday!
    Glad you made it home safely in the snow!

  4. Way to look on the bright side!!

  5. The "ups" seem fantastic!!! I had a poopy diaper blowout(explosion) today too and it was pretty much the most awful thing. ugh! Upside? He must feel better because he's been asleep for 2 hours!

  6. Sorry you and the fam have had some challenges the past couple of days. I love that you are looking at it in a positive light ;)

  7. Oh man, I feel ya. This week has been a rough one and man it's crazy how times can get hard so fast and it seems like nothing is going your way. I have been battling a cold all week and I am just now feeling better, but I am sure you can relate that we have no time for being sick! GEEZ! I hoep your "downs" make a quick turn around!

  8. Poor Lily! Gotta love those blow outs! I am glad you got to spend some time with friends rather than a lame party!

  9. Way to be optismistic about everything =)
    Your ups totally out weighted the downs as well.

  10. Some of these really made me laugh. Especially the poo-splosion and the garage smelling fantastic! Haha, great post!

  11. What a truly cute list! Sorry for the few challenging days. I hope everything is looking up now:)

  12. i love this post! you are so creative!


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