Our Five Ring Circus: Tuesday Tidbits

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits

Tuesday is my day to remember all the cute and funny things my kids say and do!


-He was watching Lily sleep on our way back from seeing Santa. He noticed Lily was sucking and said, "Lily is either dreaming she's eating or dreaming she's a fish."

-At his 7 year check up (he's just under 48 lbs and 4'3"), he actually asked for a shot, and was disappointed when he heard he wasn't going to get one. Weirdo. :)

-He calls ice cream "frozen cow juice."

-"Join the ancient Yule of Jolly" is one of the lines in "Deck the Halls." That is, according to Dylan!

-After burping loudly, Dylan exclaimed, "I must have the burp fever or the burp headache!"



-On Christmas night, she was talking about what she thought when she saw all the presents under the tree. She said, "I had the great reaction!"

-Lexie screamed, "Mommy, there's a stinkbug on you!" and then burst into tears. Oh, the drama!

-Lexie asked me what was going to happen when she was a big girl like me. She asked if she would outgrow her bed. I told her she wouldn't, but would probably get a bigger bed someday when she was married. Her eyes got wide, her jaw dropped, and then she started giggling. I guess the idea of being married was funny!



-Dylan and Lexie were making gorilla noises. A few minutes later, a third voice joined in. She wants to be just like her big brother and sister!

-She gets so excited while jumping in her jumperoo. She starts bouncing really high and squealing! It is so darn cute!

-While watching Dylan and Lexie last night, Lily's eyes lit up, and she began grinning at them. Every so often, she would stop, a puzzled look would cross over her face, and then she'd begin smiling again!

-She is so close to really crawling. When she's on her belly, she kicks her legs out and reaches with her arms, and begins rocking. It looks like she's swimming. Today, she made it from one side of the living room to the other. She was so proud of herself. I missed it, but I'm assuming she did with a series of rolls and scooting like an inchworm!

-I was cleaning up the girls room yesterday, and Lily was playing in her crib. I picked up Lily's fuzzy blanket, and draped it over her crib. A few minutes later, I looked over to find this:




  1. Oh my goodness. You have such an adorable household!!! I want frozen cow juice right now.

  2. I love their sayings! Wasn't the Pittsburgh loss the saddest? It was the first time I almost shed tears over a loss.

  3. Oh my gosh, Lily swiping the blanket and passing out is just too cute!!! But my favorite is Dylan suggesting she might be dreaming about being a fish - your kids are so adorable!

  4. So cute! I'm eating frozen cow juice as I read this. :)
    And I can't believe that Lily is already getting around. I swear you just had her!

  5. I love TT! =) I just nicknamed that for you. HAHA! Kids say the darndest.

  6. Oh my gosh, her falling asleep with that blanket is so adorable!

  7. those kids could be reality tv stars with the funny things they say. Frozen Cow Milk? HILARIOUS! Oh and asking for a shot...he needs to come with us when my son gets a shot, you'd think they were slowly killing him :) LOL!

  8. Too cute! My son loves to dream about fish too ;)

  9. They are PRECIOUS. Love how you have documented their cuteness. Great idea.
    You have a great blog!

  10. I think I melted too at that picture of Lily!

  11. I love reading your Tuesday Tidbits!! Cole has that same blanket Lily does and loves it (we call it his eskimo blanket because it is so snuggly). That last photo is so cute!!

  12. Indeed! love that last photo. And I couldnt help not to laugh while imagining Lex's drama :)


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