Our Five Ring Circus: Me Time

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Me Time

I'm reading...A book by Linda Howard that I picked out at the library on Monday. I can't remember the name!

I'm listening to...whatever is on the radio as I drive. I have to charge my iPod!

I'm watching...Season Two of Breaking Bad.

I'm creating...an organized house! Even though I nested like crazy while pregnant with Lily, I'm ready to do it again!

I'm cooking...a few new recipes over the next few weeks. Crockpot macaroni and cheese, crockpot ranch chicken and crockpot swiss chicken.

I'm shopping for...birthday presents for the many upcoming birthdays! I also need a new blender. I killed mine in the baby food making process. Then again, it was a wedding gift...from 11 years ago. ;)

I'm staying healthy...by taking my prenatal vitamins, drinking lots of water and running 5 days a week! I feel great!

A product I use everyday...Blush. I'm so pale without it!

I'm obsessed with...Making my own baby food for Lily. I have a freezer full of it! Chocolate truffle coffee with french vanilla creamer is a must have! Also, finding cute clothes for the girls. Then again, that's a constant obsession!

Around the house...Grant is sick with a bad cold. Dylan is getting straight A's in school and is ready to move up another reading level! I got Lexie's kindergarten registration papers. *sob* Lily is becoming very mobile. SO...the house needs to be baby proofed!

Grant stayed home from work, due to his cold. Lexie had school, but we spent the rest of the afternoon at home. I started working on organizing Lexie and Lily's room. I have yet to find a location for all their Christmas gifts!

Plans for the rest of the week...We're going to visit my parents tomorrow. On Friday, we are going to Grant's work Christmas party. (A little late, huh?) We will probably hang out with friends on Friday night and Saturday night. We'll definitely visit Grant's family on Sunday! We haven't seen them since Christmas!


  1. Great idea! Sometimes all we hear about are the kids in blogland and it's nice to get to know Mom too! You forgot one event tho. ;) Great seeing you the other night!

  2. We make crockpot mac and cheese pretty frequently - it's a big hit!

  3. Ha! That's funny Jon's work Christmas party is this Saturday. Not really looking forward to it being so large and surrounded by his beautiful co-workers but it is what it is and I'll rock the belly. =)

  4. Wow. Lexie will be in kindergarten next year? That just seems crazy.

  5. I've heard several people talking about that Breaking Bad show. I'm curious about it. And I love my crock pot. Your recipes sounds so good to me!

    My old company used to do our Christmas party in Jan. too. It was easier to find a place to hold it. Have fun!

  6. Sorry Grant is sick! Sounds like you're busy!!!

  7. man, you are a busy Momma! I always wanted to make my own baby food...such a great idea for the health of that precious baby :)

    I suggest the Ninja, it'll serve ALL of the purposes you'll need it for!!!

  8. I love getting in some "me" time, because for some reason or another it doesn't come too often. I swear I am always going. It's nice to get that little break from time to time even if nothing is going on.

  9. thats all in a day? kidding! thanks for sharing YOU :)


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