Our Five Ring Circus: Tuesday Tidbits

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tuesday Tidbits

Tuesday is my day to remember all the cute and funny things my kids say and do!


*While writing the word don't, he wrote his d backwards. He looked up and said, "Oh, wait, that's a bon't!"

*While picking out a present with a gift card he received for his birthday, he insisted on buying a Lego set that Lexie liked. He told me, "I love to make my sister happy."

*His band with Lexie is called "The Kilr Men."

*He handed me a card, and said, "Here is the invertation to my band."

*On the morning of his 7th birthday, he woke up and insisted that he grew overnight! He just may have. Suddenly, all his pants are too short!



*She loves to wear her hair "sticking out." That means down, and free from braids or ponytails.

*She has a bit of trouble with the "L" sound, but I love it. She loves to say, "You have dewicious wegs, Wilwy!

*She is an awesome big sister. She always says, "I never had a baby like her before!" or "I'm so happy that our baby was a girl!"



*Lily will smile at anybody that looks at her. She will watch people, and then grin the moment they look her way!

*She just started scooting out of her bouncer. Time to use the harness! She pushes off with her feet, lifts her butt, and slides until she's on the floor!

*She had a major hair growth spurt this week! She's also working on some fabulous leg chub!


{The Rock Star}

*Last night, the little rock star slept peacefully. All that drumming wore him out!


*Somebody else in the house was eager to take his place.


Happy Tuesday!


  1. That cat has a scary look on his face!!!

  2. Dylan is such a gentlemen, I love that he's eager to please his sisters. XO

  3. precious kids. Lily is starting to look toddler-like already - time flies. Curious about the band name - it sounds heavy metal ;-)

  4. I bet Lexie is so cute with those L's! Eli says some pretty funny stuff sometimes too because he can't say G's!

  5. I love to watch kiddos while they're sleeping and dreaming...so sweet :) Oh my goodness, the hair "sticking out" is hysterical!! TOO CUTE!

  6. awww! I love this idea * I totally need to start jotting my kidisms ;) too sweet *

  7. Dylan is such a sweet big brother!

    awe lexi's l sounds that is so cute!!!

    lily is too cute

    I love the cat hahah


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