Our Five Ring Circus: Me Time

Monday, November 28, 2011

Me Time

I'm reading...The Help. Parenting/Parents/American Baby/Baby Talk magazines.

I'm listening to...Christmas music all the time!

I'm watching...Once Upon A Time, Dexter, Terranova, House, Glee, Raising Hope, The New Girl, Criminal Minds, American Horror Story, and Grey's Anatomy. Grant and I are also catching up on Season 4 of Mad Men, and watching Christmas movies.

I'm creating...photo collages for Lexie's class and editing my October pictures.

I'm cooking...Ham and Potato Casserole, Chili, Chicken Enchiladas, Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup, Roast, and Smothered Pork Chops for this weeks dinners.

I'm shopping for...Christmas presents for my kids, my husband, and our families.

I'm staying healthy...by running 4-5 days a week and taking my vitamins!

A product I use everyday...Vaseline for my lips and under my eyes.

I'm obsessed with...taking the perfect Christmas pictures for our card!

Around the house...I'm decorating for Christmas. Most of the indoor decorations are done, but we have to decorate outside, and put up our tree after my party on Wednesday.

Dylan and Lexie were off school. I picked up a ton of pictures from CVS to turn into photo collages for Lexie's preschool class. We went to the library, and I got suckered into buying books at the book fair they were having. I eased the pain by reminding myself that I was supporting our library. We ran into a girl that rides Dylan's bus, and her mom asked me if he was the "infamous Dylan from the bus." When I informed her that it was, she told me he is all her girls talk about. I took Dylan to Target to spend a birthday gift card. He chose a Lego set that Lexie liked, because he likes to make his sister happy, and some Pokemon cards. I got a holiday tutu for Lily and more clear lights for our tree (the LED ones from last year gave me a headache). I finally hung up a picture of Lily in our house. After taking a week-long break from running, I started back up, and I feel so much better! I did massive amounts of laundry thanks to Lily's blowouts.


Plans for the rest of the week...I'm babysitting tomorrow, hosting an OralB stages party on Wednesday afternoon, putting up the Christmas tree on Thursday, visiting my parents on Friday, taking the kids to a Polar Express party at the library on Saturday, taking Lily's 4 month pictures, hanging out with the inlaws on Sunday, and probably other plans will pop up, too!


  1. I am not really sure I read very much "me time" in this post ;)
    We have the same type of schedule. Crazy, nuts, never a dull moment!
    See you Wed :)

  2. Fun post! I love parenting magazines too, though my husband thinks they are junk and throws them away every chance he gets--I'll have to start hiding them.

    And that's hilarious that you are the mom to the "infamous Dylan from the bus". He may soon need to start taking a body guard to protect him from all his adoring female fans. :)

  3. Love this kind of post - you post so much about the kids and it's nice to hear about you too :).

    I am loving New Girl. It's so hilarious and fresh. The comedy is great and usually clean. I think that's about the only thing I watch from your list, lol.

  4. Wow you really are super Mom! =) I love Once Upon a Time, my new favorite!

  5. You are just so busy all the time. I don't know how you do it.

  6. You stay so busy! I loved The Help. I would like to see the movie.

  7. What a fun post! I read the Help a while back and it was so good...much better than the movie I thought! That last picture is too cute:)

  8. I just have to ask... Where do you find the time to read or watch TV?! LOL Wow you are a busy one. :) Love all the Christmas activities too

  9. I love your new wallpaper :) Perfect! Thanks for sharing your "me time". I will be adopting this one soon, hope you won't mind. Oh and btw, does vaseline really helps tired eyes? I kinda like a dark and dry under eye circles.

    sorry for the late visit. hope you are having a great week!
    Happy belated thanksgiving!

  10. LOVE the new blog look :)

    love this post...seems like you sure are staying busy!

  11. I am still trying to take the right picture too.

  12. How in the heavens do you have the energy for all of that?

    I wanna know what the buzz on Dylan is out there!

  13. that little girl wouldn't blow out, would she!?! No way!

  14. I love your new look - so cute to see Lily up there too :) I am listening to Christmas music too!

  15. So fun and cute! You are super mom. How do you have all the energy for that!! Such adorable pictures!

  16. "I like to make my sister happy!" Is so beautiful! So much love! I love your Tuesday tidbits! The pictures are magnificent as always my friend! I hope you are doing well! Have a great night!

    Mama Hen


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