Our Five Ring Circus: Spring Has Sprung!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Has Sprung!

Happy Spring! The weather has been beautiful the past few days, and I don't want to see snow again until December!

We had a busy weekend, as usual. We actually managed to get a lot done! This is the point in my pregnancy where the panic sets in, and I start the nesting process. With my history of preterm labor, I never know what's going to happen or when/if I'll be put on bed rest. We have quite a few projects to complete before the baby gets here, and I'm in a hurry to get it all done before the contractions take over!

One of our projects is to redecorate our bedroom, and get all the clutter out to make room for Nugget. Our babies sleep in our room at night for the first 4 months, and there is no room on my side of the bed for the bassinet. My photo albums and Grant's CD's have taken over!

On Saturday afternoon, we decided to do some shopping. I really needed to start buying some Spring/Summer clothes for the kids, and we desperately needed a bedroom makeover. We have had the same bedding for about 8 years. Buying bedding for a king size bed is definitely expensive, and we could never decide what we wanted. We had plenty of luck this time, and left the store with new bedding, curtains, curtain rods, and lots of adorable dresses for Lexie, including a beautiful Easter dress!

The kids were so well behaved during the process, that we decided to treat them to dinner and ice cream at McDonald's. They both declared that it was the best day ever!

Once home, we went to work on our bedroom. Even though we need to finish clearing the clutter and paint the walls, the new curtains and bedding transformed the room! After we finished up, we had some friends over for the evening.

Our bed is so cozy now, and the new curtains do a great job at keeping the sun out of our room in the morning, so we both slept great last night!


Today, we visited Grant's family for a few hours. The kids always look forward to our visit with MawNaw, PapPap, and Nannie!


They had fun wrestling with MawNaw!


As usual, they didn't want to leave!


Our evening flew by after we got home. Weekends need to be one day longer!!!



Our Menu Plan for the week:

Monday: Salisbury Steaks, Mashed Potatoes with gravy, Broccoli
Tuesday: Chicken Fried Rice
Wednesday: Tacos and Beans
Thursday: Soup and Sandwiches
Friday: Dinner with family
Saturday: Spaghetti, Green Beans, and Garlic Bread
Sunday: Steaks, Roasted Potatoes, Broccoli


  1. What a wonderful weekend! I agree it was too short though. Hope you all have a wonderful week.

  2. A cozy room and good night sleep is just what you need! I love the power of nesting! xo

  3. Oh I like your new bedding! Very nice! :)

  4. Love the new bedding. Ours is similar in colors. I feel like it's very spa-ish and relaxing.

  5. LOVE THE BEDDING :) Happy Spring!

  6. Great new bedding! I am excited to see all the cute dresses she will now have!
    Nesting? Awesome. I love nesting. Except the frantic parts of it. wait, is was all frantic for me!

  7. I always feel so great after successful shopping trips! I love blue and chocolate together!

  8. When you walk in your room, how can you stop yourself from just diving headfirst onto that glorious bed?!! Ok, maybe you'll have to wait until you're not pregnant.

    Speaking of which, you're going to be busy getting ready for a bit now, aren't you? Don't overdo it now. You rest up (on that bed), ok?

  9. love the new look of your bedroom :) earth colors! and im hoping the same way too, an additional day for weekend!

    have a great week sissy!

  10. Your meal plans always make me hungry! I LOVE the new bedding. Blue and brown is my fave!

  11. That bedding is beautiful and I love the colors. Don't panic, and take it in steps. :) You're going to get it all done. ;) *hugs*


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