Our Five Ring Circus: Oh how fast they grow!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Oh how fast they grow!

My kids are growing at an alarming rate. It seems to sneak up on you. One minute they are newborns, and the next they are all grown up.

To honor that, and to keep everyone updated on how they're growing and changing, I decided to do a weekly spotlight, starting today.

So...here goes.

Dylan is about 1 1/2 months away from turning 4. FOUR! I can't even wrap my mind around that number. How is it possible that my baby is turning 4? He is so grown up now. Yesterday, we went to an apple fest, and it really hit me what a big boy he is. He has always looked older than what he really is, due to his height, but it struck me that he is starting to act like an older kid now, too. He blows me away with how much he knows. That little man is smart! I'm not sure what we're going to do for Pre-K next year, because he knows all of the curriculum already, and then some! His mind works so quickly, that sometimes he has trouble getting the words out of his mouth as fast as he wants to...I swear, he never stops talking and telling us facts and stories! As for stats, he is 44 inches and close to 35 pounds. This week, he has been into playing with his train sets, playing baseball (do I ever get a break from that sport?), and removing links from our countdown to halloween chain.

Lexie is 19 1/2 months. She is spitting out new words so fast, that I can't keep track. The ones I remember from today are Grandma (clear as a bell!) and scarecrow. She loves to sing her ABC's. The only ones that are comprehendable are A, B, and C. After that, they all sound alike, but she knows the melody! She also knows how to count to 3. We're working on the other numbers, but once she reaches 3, she starts clapping and yelling "yay", so we haven't made much progress! She is all about baby dolls. She has one with her at all times, and goes nuts if we see one in the store. We stay as far away from the baby doll section as possible! She's still as picky as ever about eating. Last week, she decided she liked bananas and chicken nuggets, but hated her usual chicken noodle soup and milk. This weekend, she decided she hated all of it. What will she eat now? Kraft macaroni and cheese and eggs. She discovered cotton candy at the apple fest yesterday...of COURSE she will eat that. I'm not sure on her current stats, but I know she's tall, as well. Oh-and her hair is growing some more-the pigtails are starting to flop over! It's been a long almost-20 months waiting for that hair to grow. I knew once it started, it was going to come in quickly!

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