Our Five Ring Circus: My very first Not Me! Monday

Monday, October 6, 2008

My very first Not Me! Monday

I have been following this blog for a few weeks now. Fun read-you should check it out! I have been blogging for a little over a month, and finally feel like I'm ready to participate! Come on and join in! What HAVEN'T you done this week? ;)

So here's my very first Not Me! Monday.

It wasn't me who spent $150 on Spike the Ultra Dinosaur for Dylan's birthday. Why on Earth would I spend that much money on a remote controlled toy? It wasn't my DH who agreed with me that we should buy it...he's not ready to rip open the box to try it out himself.

I did NOT lay in bed, dozing for an extra hour a few days ago, while the kids sat on the bed watching "Dora" and eating Special K bars. No way! That would be completely irresponsible of me.

I didn't feel the need to strangle my husband when he splashed bleach all over several laundry baskets filled with clothes. I would never get so frustrated over something like that! Who needs clean, unstained clothes? Not me! Or my kids for that matter!

I really didn't demonstrate how I could peel a banana with my toes to my brother in law and sisters after my nephews birthday party last weekend. I could never do something like that.

I did not get a secret satisfaction when the Steelers won the game last night. I wasn't happy that my New England Patriots fan of a sister had nothing else bad to say about the Steelers. After all, I don't care about football. Right?

It wasn't me who let Lexie be in the baby contest at the apple fest on Saturday. And it sure wasn't me who turned around and left the contest without a second thought, after the psycho mom's shoved us out of line during the judging. It wasn't Lexie who wanted the inflatable Nemo that was behind us so badly, that she kept turning around and yelling, "fishy!!!" Lexie was not happier playing with the Nemo her big brother won for her, than she was being paraded around. Even if it was for the elderly.

I did NOT sneak into my room today, and lock the door, so I could eat a fistful of cotton candy in peace. Of COURSE I would want to share my stash of cotton candy, fudge, skittles, candy corn, and chocolate hidden in my closet with my kids!

While I'm on the topic of cotton candy, I didn't give any to Lexie on Saturday. No way would I give my daughter spun sugar! Nor would I let Dylan devour half the bag that day. Even if it is a rare treat, I still would never, ever give it to them.

And speaking of food that is bad for you, I did not let the kids share a Happy Meal on Wednesday for lunch. I would never sway from my anti-fast food mindset to let them have it for the ease of the meal and a treat. I didn't stop at Long John Silver's for my own lunch, either.

It wasn't me who dressed Lexie in an ultra-adorable outfit every single day this week, even on the days we weren't going anywhere. *I* don't like to dress her up in cute clothes. It's not practical to put her in a "frou-frou" outfit when we are hanging around the house. I never do this!!!

I didn't drive the 5 miles to my parents house yesterday, just to pick up a container of homemade soup, so I didn't have to cook. No way would I drive out of my way, just to do that. I would never be that lazy!

Wow, that felt great! Very therapeutic!!! I think I could have gone on and on. Wait-I didn't just say that!


  1. Good Not Me Monday! 5 miles is not too far to drive to not have to cook dinner, so you tell whoever it was who did that, I'm with her :)

  2. Welcome to Not Me Monday..
    It is way fun..

    Oh, I want one of those dinosaurs for my classroom..

  3. What a great Not Me! Monday. I laughed out loud at the peeling of the banana. And I'm happy to hear I'm not the only mom who eats "bad" things in hiding :)

  4. Very fun to read post! I enjoyed reading the things you *didn't* do. LOL I'm going to check that other blog out now!

  5. Welcome :) Not Me Monday is way too much fun for all us gals!

    PS - my husband so wants that dinosaur & tried to tell me it was for our son...who isn't even born yet! LOL

  6. Saw you on MckMama and had to stop in and read your Not Me's. I loved them! I looovvee cotton candy and would lock myself in my room any day for that.

  7. Welcome to Not Me Monday's! You had some great one's and I don't love to dress my little girlies up either!! And I surely don't hurry to eat candy if my kids are watching so I can say "oops, it's all gone...sry baby!"

  8. I love it! LMAO! You are too funny. Plus you've given me some wonderful ideas....

  9. What kind of mom would do those things... certainly NOT ME!!!

  10. Great "not me's." My kids never eat Special K bars in this house...:)

  11. That was a great post Steph! I'll be coming back to read more. I have a blog too!


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