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Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Learn at Home with My Pre-K Box

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We are in the middle of Summer Break, and enjoying a more relaxed routine! We're still making time for learning activities, though. We're just learning at home, whenever we want...no pressure whatsoever!

I'm always trying to find ways for Liam and Coen to learn together. Liam is 8, and has Down syndrome, and Coen is 2, so it can be tough to bridge that gap. I love it when I can adapt the same activity to meet both of their levels of learning!

We love subscription boxes, and My Pre-K Box is one of the best! These monthly themed preschool learning boxes are filled with fun learning activities, games and crafts. It is geared toward preschoolers aged 3-5, but it works so well for our two youngest boys!

About My Pre-K Box

Lindsey, the owner and founder of My Pre-K Box is a former teacher turned stay at home mom to four beautiful boys, including her baby, who is rocking an extra chromosome like Liam! Lindsey started to make fun preschool learning kits, and the concept took off. Her hobby eventually became a family business!

What Is My Pre-K Box?

My Pre-K Box is a monthly themed subscription box that is filled with fun preschool learning activities. It is best suited for kids aged 3-5, although activities can be modified for your child's learning level. There are small pieces, so it isn't made for kids under the age of 3. (Coen is 2, but he no longer puts items in his mouth, and he is supervised at all times.) 

Each box contains a variety of learning activities, including a game, a craft, and sensory play. Everything needed to complete the activities is included in the box. Two (or more) children can play with the activities in the box, but you can also choose to add on duplicate crafts for siblings for an additional price. You can also choose a craft lovers upgrade for an additional price!

My Pre-K Box has a variety of subscription plans, including month by month, 6 months, and 12 months. If you commit to the 6 or 12 month plan, it will cost less per month. Right now, there is a promo code to save 30% on the 6 and 12 month plans. You can check out the monthly subscription plans on their website. 

What We Thought Of The Space-Themed Box

Liam and Coen LOVED their space-themed box! They had so much fun opening the box, and discovering all the fun activities inside. As a mom, I loved the variety of activities and the included parent guide!

This subscription box stands out from the rest, thanks to all the extra special details! It is well thought out, and I was amazed by everything it included. All we needed from home was scissors and a pencil. The boys loved the astronaut game pieces, the glow in the dark stars, and the galaxy slime most of all. with the exception of the crafts, all of the activities can be used again and again!

As I mentioned, Liam is a few years older than the targeted age group, and Coen is one year younger, but I was able to easily adapt all the activities for both of them. Thanks to having a big brother who is always working on skills at home, Coen benefitted, too. Liam does have a bit of a cognitive delay, and Coen is very advanced for his age. With the My Pre-K Box, we were able to bridge that gap a bit, and help them learn side by side!

The Lucky Few

My Pre-K Box

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While Liam was at school, I was able to spend some time with Coen, working on each activity. He loved the one on one attention, and I was truly amazed by how much he knows already. He really is like a little sponge, and he has learned so much from Liam!

We played the Count the Stars game. I had him roll the die, count the dots, then put the same number of stars on the play mat. He knows his numbers from 1-20 forward and backward, so counting out the stars was a great way to work on early math skills. (Liam is working on writing his letters and numbers, so we use the recording sheet for him when we play this game. Mom Tip: Place the sheet inside a dry erase pocket and use a dry erase marker to record the numbers. That way it can be used over and over again!)

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The Space Race Game is a lot of fun! Coen is able to work on letter recognition and counting skills, and it is a fun way for Liam to reinforce those skills, too!

Preschool at home

The Straw Rocket STEM & Craft Kit and the Solar System Mini Sticker Scene are fun and easy ideas for preschoolers. I'm going to be honest, though - the boys colored their rockets, but we haven't launched them yet! I have them set aside, but keep forgetting to complete the project. Coen enjoys arts and crafts more than Liam, so he had a lot of fun with the mini sticker scene. (Peeling off those stickers helped build fine motor skills, too.) We now have it hanging in his play area!

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Starry Shape Constellations were a bit more difficult for Coen, but they were a great way for Liam to work on his fine motor skills! Coen was able to string the star beads on the pipe cleaners, but he needed help forming the pipe cleaners into constellations. He knows all of his shapes, so I had him point out the shapes that were in the constellations. The great thing about this activity, is that we can do it over and over again!

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The Solar System Ordinal Words activity is a great way to teach kids about the planets! I told the boys what each planet was (Liam recognized Earth and Mars), and how far it was from the sun. With Liam, we put them in order, but with Coen, I just placed the cards on the table, and had him match the wooden planet pieces to the planet information card.

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Astronaut Rhymes was a great way to work on rhyming words with the boys. It can also double as a memory game, but we haven't done that yet. I hope Liam will be able to tackle the rhyming words on his own by the end of this school year!

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Sensory Play is Liam's jam, so this was pretty much the ONLY time Coen was allowed to play with the Galaxy Slime! 

Sensory Play Activities

Coen was REALLY excited about the package of bonus space crafts, but we decided to put them aside for a fun rainy day activity!

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We are so excited to partner with My Pre-K Box for a giveaway on Instagram! One winner will receive the awesome camping-themed box. Hurry to enter...the giveaway ends soon! 

Enter here ­čá× https://www.instagram.com/p/CRXo-obpt8E/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

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Liam and Coen loved The Space Box, and the activities are now part of our learning at home routine. We took a peek at The Camping Box, and it is EVERY bit as awesome! If you're looking for a fun and unique gift for a special preschooler in your life, My Pre-K Box is the way to go!

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Learn at Home with My Pre-K Box

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